Emirates Room (Room XVII) in United Nations Office

Emirates Room (Room XVII) in United Nations Office

ADELI Interior Architecture & Partners Ltd

Swiss Bureau Interior Design
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Anoush Abrar

Room of The Emirates – United Nations

ADELI Interior Architecture & Partners Ltd as Architects

The Conference Room XVII is a present offered by the United Arab Emirates to the Office of the United Nations in Geneva. The genesis of the project stems from the emblem of the United Arab Emirates, a golden falcon upholding the Emirates’ flag surrounded by 7 stars representing the seven Emirates of the Federation. At the foot of the falcon, the name of the United Arab Emirates is inscribed in Kufic script.

In the project, the name of the United Arab Emirates transforms itself into a rounded metallic architectural structure while still preserving the traditional and cultural values of Arabic calligraphy.

The UAE-funded renovation work of the Conference Hall 17 commenced in July 2015 and was completed in May 2016 for the cost of 21 mios U$.

Immediately when you come in the eyes are attracted to the ceiling and its structure of 20 tons where panels of LED screen is projecting the sky of the Emirates from early morning till sunset.

This project has been realized by Adeli Interior Architecture & Partners  in collaboration with Swiss Bureau Interior Design. The structure is also linked to the sky which symbolizes the vision of the United Arab Emirates. The endless, limitless, interminable sky represents the futuristic and innovative vision of the country. The walls of the room are made of wood panels, which by their curved shapes are a subtle representation of the wind in the dunes. The carpeting reproduces the orange hues that characterize the unique colours of the sand of the desert of Abu Dhabi.

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