Escalator & Stair Maintenance

Escalator & Stair Maintenance

London, United Kingdom
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Subway Stations

Reduce Scaffolding Costs

LOBO Systems Ltd as Manufacturers

Current aluminium scaffolding products cannot be reconfigured to fit awkward areas such as stairways and escalators. Tube and clamp scaffolding is heavy and time consuming to construct.

The Lobo System can offer a solution to these problems. As it is fast to assemble significant reductions in labour can be achieved. Underground and other subway train systems all consist of a vast network of inter-related railway lines.

Key to the efficient running, smooth operation and safety of travelling passengers is properly maintained escalators & stair systems. Real time overnight maintenance issues exist as time constraints increase labour costs with safety being a key component.

The strategic use of the Lobo System to gain rapid access for working at height issues may in part alleviate these issues. The Lobo System can be configured to create a safe working work platform above an escalator or staircase.

The photos show the rapid assembly time of a 30 minute system and coupled with the no tools to erect feature, means a lower labour cost and a safer working environment.

The Lobo System can be configured into unlimited shapes and sizes to suit almost all awkward access situations and packs away for easy storage or transportation to the next work area.

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