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Zooco Estudio as Architects

Just as its name suggests, the project pays tribute to the measurement system Modulor created by Le Corbusier with the same name in the 60s. The architect was also inspired by the Leonardo Da Vinci’s theory of establishing a direct relation between the proportions of building and human-beings.

The result is a project in which colour plays an important role since it seeks to transmit emotions. To do so, Zooco studio has followed chromotherapy guidelines when using the Stone collection by Hisbalit, whose earthly tones and pure finishes reproduce the aspect of rock and stone. A palette that, according to chromotherapy, helps disconnect and relax.

The bowncolour has been used in the sleeping zone to create an atmosphere of comfort and cozyness. The working, relax and dressing areas feature different tones of grey and neutral colours that relax your sight and encourage concentration, they say.

A proposal to change the bedroom`s traditional structure. It is evident that not all of us live the interiors in the same way so, why adapt our habits to the design and not the other way round?

Modular porticoes in the interior space are named and organized sequencing the daily routine of the user. The aesthetic is conformed by mirrored walls, wooden floors and glass mosaics on each portico which give to the space a happy, luminous and changing character. After a careful selection of mosaics of Hisbalit Stone collection, we associate different colour tones with the uses of the space: sleep, work, leisure, bath and dressing.

As a strategy interior modular porticoes are assigned with public activities such as: work and leisure while the more private, these modules are facing the openings of the bedroom to let the natural light in, while modules with private activities as shower and sleep are located in the laterals of the room. This way we get an open layout program of a polyvalent interior space.

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Arnhem Rozet
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Arnhem, Netherlands - Build completed in 2013
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