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The house is built in Hirakata-shi Osaka prefecture in a quiet residential area with a large park with a pond nearby. The total floor area is 57.73 sqm, which is the maximum size according to regulation. Currently there is a family of 4 residing in the house.


By following the regulations, it was decided that the house would be a square in shape to allow for maximum floor space. In addition, the one-sided roof is designed in order to secure natural sunlight from the south-side and to not obscure the sunlight to the north-side residences, as per regulations.


The floor plan was designed to prioritize a maximized common living space for family use and a minimized private living space, as well as to match the owners current tasteful furniture style.


The main family area is a small but cozy open living environment on the south-east side of the second floor. This living area also offers an open view of the sky from the high ceiling created by the shape of the roof as per accordance with regulation. The living space also has a rock climbing wall for the children.


The second floor is a single open area loft style with the kitchen connecting to the dining table. The high ceiling allows for space to have a small third-floor storage, thus helping to increase storage space that a small house would otherwise have limited space for. At the north-side of the ceiling where the height is lowered due to the regulations, there is a staircase, a restroom and storage designed for regular daily usage.


The living room and the staircase are separated by a small library which is created by custom-made and existing furniture that also doubles as a handrail. There are curtains dividing the storage areas at the staircases and the kitchen to allow for a soft partition and a more affordable option.


On the first floor, the bathroom and the sink rooms are separated by doors, and the two kids room and the master bedroom are separated by curtains that again allows for the soft partition. Although the house is fairly compact, the soft curtains really help to create an open and flexible atmosphere. This creates minimal space for the children and allows for the residence to be flexible with their future when the children become independent.


The main carpenter, Masaaki Okimoto, had a vision that allowed for the children to experience and take part in the construction process. This unique and memorable experience was heightened by Mr. Okimoto inviting the family to participate in a wood crafting workshop in Mt. Yoshino. The structure and facade materials, made by fine, beautiful hand crafted Yoshino traditional Japanese cedar, creates a great feel for the house.


Despite that the house has limited floor space, the design creates a warm comfortable living environment for a family of four. The house is designed in collaboration with work from the following:

* hand craft ceramic tiles used in the entrance by Tone.
* Iron works on the entrance nameplate by Kondo Tetsukobo.
* Iron works on the entrance roof by KinjyoKANAMONOkobo.
* Iron hangers by JozuKosakusho.


Material Used: 
1. Tone - mosaic tile / homemade
2. Jozu Kosakusho - hanger pipe/ HH028, Toilet paper holder/ HH006
3. Panasonic - alauno/S
4. Housetec - LE, Felote/UR1216
5. ERFURT - Runafaza Vlies/No.741
6. Sanwa company - L353 hand wash basin/WA05019.TA01059
7. LIXIL - Multi-purpose sink/S-3

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Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

Multi-purpose sinkLIXIL
Hand washbasinSanwa Company
Runafaza Vlies/No.741ERFURT & SOHN
Product Spec Sheet
Multi-purpose sink
S-3 by LIXIL
A La Uno by Panasonic
Hand washbasin
L353 by Sanwa Company
Runafaza Vlies/No.741
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