Andrijana Tilic


LD studio as Interior Architects

“Garden” a synonym of bio and nature, is the name of a cafeteria located in Tetovo, city of North Macedonia. The idea of selling fresh juice led LD Studio designers to metamorphose a space in to a warm and comfortable place such as a garden. The interior composition of this cafeteria expresses an outdoors environment.


The large space (155m2 and height 4 m) allows the realization of the concept “space inside a space” by creating metallic small huts scattered around the “garden” as small siting areas; to promote memories of the safest and snuggest place for anyone – its own home.


Implementation of hanging flowers covering the ceiling as a floral meadow mixed with light bulbs was another challenge for the LD Studio’s architects to provide a visual lowering of the ceiling. Dedication to make things beautiful and functional with a low budget, highlights their talent.


Because of some handmade elements the created atmosphere is unique. The interior shines with its originality and vision as well as the furniture being match with the concept of “garden” that makes the costumers understand that nature is the most precious gift of all.

Material Used :

1. Wooden elements – made by local workshops

2. Chairs – Almeco, Greece

3. Chairs – Luma, Kosovo

4. Chairs – made by local workshops

5. Lighting – generally hand made by combining different materials

6. Flowers

7. Laminate flooring – Quick-step

8. Old brick walls

9. Natural moss

Project Credits
Interior Architects
Product Spec Sheet

ChairsAlmeco Spa
Laminate flooringQuick Step
Product Spec Sheet
by Almeco
Laminate flooring
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