GHOST Collection at SuperDesign London

GHOST Collection at SuperDesign London

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GHOST Collection at SuperDesign London

Studio Drift as Artists

The GHOST Collection is a futuristic concept of a chair, a 3D image captured within the boundaries of its outer shell. Specialists from Europe handmade the chairs using the best materials available. A unique 3D technique is used to form unusual subsurface drawings inside the solid Plexiglass chairs. The image of the inner ghost is created by a reflection of light on tiny air bubbles. GHOST Collection is an experiment in shape, high tech production methods and crafts.

The collection exists of 8 table chairs, two different arm chairs: the Queen chair, the King chair, and a stool. The initial concept behind these particular pieces comes from the old times when Kings reigned their kingdoms. The first chair was actually a throne for the King and only he was allowed to sit down. The other guests had to remain standing as a sign of decency, however during fancy dinners people were allowed to sit. All the chairs in the dining room were part of one collection, but from the shape you could see the social position. Of course the King’s chair was the biggest and together with the Queens chair, the only chairs with armrests. The guests at the table could sit on simple chairs with only a backrest. The waiters sat on stools against the wall, ready to jump up to serve the King.

The GHOST collection currently consists of 11 items and is released in a limited edition of 8 and 2 Artist Proofs. In the future we would like to add items to the collection including a table, lamp and closet.

SuperDesign London was organized by Patrick Brillet Fine Art Gallery in October 2011.

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