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chairs, sofas
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Hacken Offices

Partner Design as Architects

The Hacken office is located in the Parus business center and overlooking the main streets of Kyiv and a stunning view of evening lights of the capital’s downtown. Panoramic windows allow you to enjoy the surrounding scenes without getting up from the workplace. The viewport at the height of 12th floor enables to create the feeling that the whole city belongs to you.

Hacken is a company with a leading position in the cyber security market. Now the company aims to create a platform that will be able to withstand any difficulties in the field of cybersecurity and bring together professionals within one platform. “White hackers” create a system where cyber ethics and security will be the main components of success. The key tasks will be joint business, investing in cyberstartups, as well as solving the most pressing problems of the market.

The Partner Design team has accomplished cyberpunk concept in the Hacken office, which displays an ambitious attempt to blur the lines between the real and virtual worlds, as well as shows the ideas, values and mission of the company. The interior was created for cyber security experts and symbolizes technological utopia. This is an allusion to modernity and future, an interpretation of general ideas about the changing world and the role of innovations in it.

The office interior reflects the style of 8-bit computer games interface. The unusual form of premises allows combining the functional purpose of spaces with bright interior solutions. Repressed minimalist furniture blends seamlessly with the design concept and underlines the general idea of the dynamic information flow. In the design of space, there were used offbeat lamps to show the deliberate status, and neon lights to create an atmosphere of virtual reality.

Working on the Hacken project, Partner Design experts focused on the simplicity, airiness and freedom of the open space. They chose such strategy to reach the harmonious interaction of the real and virtual in office design. Office space is designed for 70 people. And architects were given the task of visually displaying and allocating the premises between different company departments, maintaining equality and a single idea, substantiated in the concept.

In a tight space, the designers placed a homey kitchen where it’s pleasure to have a lunch break and enjoy an invigorating coffee. There are also two meeting rooms of different capacity for discussing strategically important objects, business negotiations and meetings with partners. In a small area, there is also placed a lounge zone where all employees have an opportunity to take a breath and relax, chat with the team, switch gears when workload is too high, hold a meeting in casual setting or just take a break.

The variety of metal components was used in the interior design, for example: on the ceiling, in furniture patterns, decoration of the walls. The ceiling is made of black modular panels, so as not to distract from the magnificent view outside the window, and performing the function of a neutral background. The walls in the main areas are made in light colors, creating a feeling of simplicity and comfort.

Creating a virtual world, the architects drew their focus to the lighting design. Lighting is a key emphasis and semantic tool in this project, specifically: neon lights in the reception area, designer lightings in the meeting rooms, etc. Again, in the area of ​​working spaces there were used rectangular LED lamps which main function is to comfortably and efficiently illuminate the workplace. The combination of neon and traditional lighting creates the feeling of a transition portal from the real world to the virtual, allowing to feel the atmosphere of the intangible universe.

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