New single-family house

architekturlabor as Architects

The new building works with the present compound to arrange the habitable rooms. The house is developed through the ground floor. The ground floor arranges the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. It also offers a panoramic view over the built-up-area in the neightbourhood and the town. A large terrasse in the West is situated in the front section of the living room.

The private rooms of the habitants are situated in the plinth, e.g. the bedroom, the bathroom and the guestroom. The engineering rooms are also positioned in this storey and in the area of the of the bordering slope of a hill.

With its clear architecture, colour and window openings, the building stands out from the built-up-area in the neighbourhood.

The Zig Zag Building
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The Zig Zag Building

Offices and Apartments
London, United Kingdom - Build completed in 2015
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