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HAS - Hinterland Architecture Studio as Architects

The aim of this intervention is first to fit in this urban void an efficient building capable of deliver its function, proposing a formal solution that appears in the territory as an urban reference, enriching the surrounding public space by adding different experiences and exceptional urban situations.

The project decisions were taken under two fundamental approaches:

1 – The conviction that in this kind of generic context architecture must assume a catalysing role as an urban reference, highlighting the formal autonomy of the building to its context, while establishing a relation between the inhabitants and the territory.

2 – A rigorous program approach in order to define the best organization and maintenance of the building.

2.1 The solution proposes a clear and decisive gesture in the relation between the volume and the plot, in order to control the dynamics between the building program and the territory scale thru a contemporary abstract form. The terrain suffers minimum changes and the building adapts itself to it. The public space is naturally brought to the middle of the plot until it reaches the building entrance, keeping most of the exterior area public.

The circular volume is self-referential and placed as an urban reference, this condition is reinforced by the continuous brick facade.

2.2 The functional organization is clear e user friendly. The entrance is at the ground floor directly to the reception, from here all the public spaces can be accessed by a single corridor without stairs or elevators. The technical and support rooms are located on the basement.

The building represents a synthesis process resulting in economic and program efficiency, both during construction and maintenance.

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Chicago, IL, USA - Build completed in 2020
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