Hopscotch – A House in Comporta

Hopscotch – A House in Comporta

António Costa Lima Arquitectos
Comporta, Portugal
Project Year
Private Houses
Francisco Nogueira

Hopscotch – A House in Comporta

António Costa Lima Arquitectos as Architects

The house comes out of multiplying a module of the traditional Comporta stilt cabana expanding its limits from the road into the rice fields.


The idea of fragmenting the volume is about breaking the scale of the house. Consequently a mesh of courtyards generates a large and luminous interior that stretches in a modular pattern of shade and light.


A series of wooden deck pathways curl along the sand garden connecting the two sides of the house.


The house assumes a more urban relationship with the road using a rhythmic set of enclosed volumes. On the opposite side the interior space opens widely towards the landscape.


The building fits with the historical and cultural references of the region when reinterpreting the traditional hut in terms of its form, scale, constructive method and materiality.

Product Specifications
CarmoLaminated wood, Wooden poles
JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa
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JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa

Venice, Italy - Build completed in 2015
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