Hotel Claudia

Hotel Claudia

Meersburg, Germany
Ulrich Beuttenmüller

Charming high-tech hotel on Lake Constance

Gira as Manufacturers

Although it is relatively unimposing from the outside, there is a little jewel of a hotel on the lakeside promenade in Meersburg. After being completely renovated and reorganised, the Design-Hotel Claudia re-opened in 2011. It is a successful symbiosis of elegant interior design, the charm of a historic half-timbered structure and state-of-the-art building technology.

Today's Hotel Claudia has been owned by the same family for around 30 years, when father Silvano Comiotto named it after his daughter. The house is an old half-timbered construction built at the beginning of the 18th century. In 2007, Silvano Comiotto decided to renovate it into a small yet elegant design hotel. He had the original half-timbered structure partially exposed and integrated in the new construction; untreated brickwork is visible in some areas behind large surfaces of protective glass. The hotel owner's Swatch collection is a unique highlight. It is presented stylishly in the rooms and gives the hotel a personal touch.

Beginning at the entrance, the guest is welcomed by colourful light effects in the curved wall which is interrupted by light gaps. A wide spiral staircase leads upstairs, and the first brightly coloured watches are recessed in the wall behind glass. The pop art pictures on the landings match the bright colours of the watches perfectly. In contrast, the rest of the interior is linear and modern.

Five luxurious junior suites are located on two floors, and three of them offer a view of Lake Constance. There are exposed old wooden beams in the rooms. They are painted in a subdued white, which is an elegant contrast to the dark wooden floors. A wide range of moods can be created everywhere using the colourful indirect LED illumination. In one of the junior suites, the brick wall with beams is visible behind the bed. It is entirely white and protected by a full-size glass wall. The intermediary space can be bathed in coloured light, as can the glass boxes containing the Swatches. Even the bed is illuminated from below, which gives it the appearance of almost floating.

The bathroom design is also elegant. Only a large glass wall separates the shower and toilet from the living space. At the press of a button, the transparent surfaces turn into opaque frosted glass to provide the desired privacy in the bathroom. White frosted glass floors and washbasins made of white Corian round off the seamless design.

Hotel Claudia is also a technical showpiece. Apart from a large flat-screen television in each room, an iPad recessed in the wall can be used to control blinds, various LED and light scenes, the room temperature and music. Silvano Comiotto made the conscious decision for a KNX system which networks all of the components in the building. He knows it will offer his guests maximum convenience and security while also enabling the sensible use of energy exactly where it is needed. When leaving their rooms, guests can switch off all light sources at the touch of a button. In addition, if the window is open, the heating switches off after a defined period. Automatic control switches in the hallway provide need-based lighting.

The Gira HomeServer is the "brain" behind the KNX system. System Integrator Daniel Wehrle from Allensbach installed and programmed the technology. In addition to operation using the iPad, there are Gira push button sensors in the Gira E2 switch design. This means guests can also call up predefined light scenes and operate the blinds in their rooms at the press of a button. For example, the glass wall in the bathroom can be switched to become opaque in this way. The Sonos station in each room can be used to enjoy music. Using the iPhone charging and docking station, guests can even listen to their own favourite music.

Daniel Wehrle explained, "The intelligent building technology has been a relief for Silvano Comiotto. For example, when there is a storm he can see where windows are still open although no guests are present or raise the blinds. We also stored the Gira door communication with video function on his iPhone. Now he can see who is ringing the doorbell when he is away or in his flat on the top floor." The Gira smoke alarm devices Dual which are installed in each room and sound an alarm in case of emergency ensure a comforting sense of security.

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