House among trees
Tamas Bujnovszky

House among trees (Tamas Bulcsu + Eva Fortvingler) as Architects

This holiday home in Balatonkenese is on the hillside, turns toward Lake Balaton with its large panoramic windows. We designed it for a good childhood friend, so we could easily realise our ideas and design propositions because of the trust between architect and client. Hewanted to have a house to use all the year round, see the lake from all of the rooms, and feel the nature inside the building.


The house stands on the edge of a small forest, between high fir trees. The design of the house reacts on the slope of the plot, and the trees, these were important elements of our concept. The house left those trees untouched and adapted to the differences in the levels of the surface so it have direct formal connection with enviroment, the trunks gray, slender figures inspired the pillars’ form.


Under the design process we cooperated with landscape architects. We had a vision of an open house, living around the fireplace. The important idea was to create such like house, in which the visual separation inside and the outside almost disappears. The interior follows the dynamic character of the exterior's form, and we looked for simple materials that can be used also in the interior, as in the exterior or in the garden. Wood on the floor, plaster on the walls, concrete on the bottom of the slab, wood frame windows and doors.


The building follows the traditions of small holiday homes of Lake Balaton, with an open planned community space downstairs and small bedrooms upstairs. The rooms are oriented towards the lake view, and on the first flupstairs at the end of the neck its possible to study the small animals of the trees, or its a good place for kids for playing. Under this part, there is the resting area, and the dining zone. 

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