House in Kiirenakamyo

House in Kiirenakamyo

Kagoshima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
Project Year
Private Houses
Toshiyuki Yano

House in Kiirenakamyo

SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE Co.,Ltd. as Architects

The house on a boundary line.

This project is for a family of five in the middle of a small mountain where is able to overlook Mt. Sakurajima beyond the Kagoshima bay. The scenery of Kagoshima bay could say just amazing. It would be great if we could design architecture that connects the beautiful scenery and us instead of divides this relationship by itself.

In this project, we considered about the boundary line and insisted to find a new relationship between the scenery and the architecture.

For example, a line divides the space two parts on a paper. But, if the line is magnified, you could see the line has thickness. Over more, if you see the line more carefully, the line exists on both sides of the spaces. The simple line has inside and out side, and, like a gradation, the line connect the spaces gradually.

By designing the place on the boundary line where have not been used as a space, we were able to design a close relationship between inside and outside, and the space become a consecutive space from inside to outside with growing out from a space as a sole architect.

A line for dividing becomes a line for connecting. Then, inside become closer to outside, and outside become closer to inside. The line enriches the architecture by connecting inside and outside.

This is the architecture of boundary line.

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