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House in Poland

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House in Poland

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First there was the place - the context. A bit like everywhere, a little different. It was a developing suburban housing estate of single-family houses with very diverse buildings. Lack of consistency in form, size or color. No reference point.


However there is something interesting to pay attention to. A little different than everywhere. The nature of this place is determined by the views: a nineteenth-century palace with a park, a horse farm with extensive pastures and forests. 


Therefore it was decided to turn to a wide perspective of open areas.

The aim of the project was to remain independent of the place - the urban context, or rather coexist with it, without entering into dialogue. This indifference (B. Tschumi) means independence from location, indifference, but without pejorative meaning.


The house stands out – with its large, archetypical roof, its simple forms, the aluminium panels which dominate the roof and façade in various widths and thus infuence the house's character. The entrance is made of wood, which slowly changes its colours. It stands in sharp contrast to the aluminium, which hardly changes at all. The similar indentation on the other side of the house formed a covered terrace, with panoramic vieews of the stud, meadows and forest.


Window openings, seemingly freely laid out on the facades, frame specific views from the inside of the house.


The home interior plan is dedicated to the needs of the family. Family life takes place in an open day zone, occupying the space of two floors. In the west a two-storey void extends above the living room cum kitchen and, thanks to the opening in the sloping roof, is atmospherically lit by the evening sun. In the classic manner, the bedrooms are located on the first floor, along the corridor, from which one can look down to the living area through the internal windows. .

The house was built of timber – for ecological reasons.

A wooden house is an ecological solution, compatible with nature, healthy for humans, not interfering negatively with the environment. Aluminum sheet is also ecological, recycled material, which does not change over time. Ecological construction does not have to involve the installation of expensive systems and the use of countless sensors, apparatus.


Simplicity (but not scarcity) of solutions, natural materials, minimal energy consumption for building and operating the house can become the optimal solution for sustainable construction.

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