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House in Yutenji

House in Yutenji

Naoi architecture & design office
Tokyo, Japan | View Map
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Private Houses
Hiroshi Ueda

House in Yutenji

Naoi architecture & design office as Architects

This two-story house is located in a quiet residential district in Tokyo. The first floor comprises bedrooms arranged around a stairwell-gallery, while the second floor provides shared family space with the living room at the center.


The living room features 3.5-meter-high ceilings, clerestory windows, and large sliding glass doors leading to a terrace, giving the space a comfortable, open atmosphere that almost feels like living outside. In contrast, the attached dining room and kitchen, as well as a study that is loosely set off by a partition, have low ceilings.


As a result, the second floor has spatial and functional diversity as well as a sense of depth despite being a single interconnected space. The use of the same tile flooring on both the terrace and interior contributes to the feeling of spaciousness.


Although the house is surrounded by residential development, the design succeeds in providing both privacy and openness thanks to the terrace that serves as a buffer zone and the clerestory windows which offer views of the sky without allowing neighbors or passersby to see into the house.  The result is a relaxed, comfortable space where family naturally gathers.


Material Used :
1. ADVAN - Fasade Brick - Garman hard brick
2. IOC - Floor tile - Urban Anthracite
3. Sanwa company - Kitchen - Elevato EX
4. Sanwa company - Sistem Bath room - Novum
5. Tform - Washroom tap - Cafe
6. Sanwa company - Washbasin - Plate Plus
7. IOC - flooring - Black Walnut

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Product Spec Sheet

Floor tile - Urban Anthracite, Flooring - Black WalnutIOC
Kitchen - Elevato EX, Sistem Bath room - Novum, Washbasin - Plate PlusSanwa Company
Product Spec Sheet
Floor tile - Urban Anthracite, Flooring - Black Walnut
by IOC
Kitchen - Elevato EX, Sistem Bath room - Novum, Washbasin - Plate Plus
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