House PE
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House PE

Andrade Morettin Associates as Architects

Conceived as a linear pavilion, this residence is placed in a generous urban lot and its insertion aims to value as much as possible a strong relationship between the built areas and the garden.


The first step in the landing of the house was to establish a wide paved platform, embedded in the ground. As a plaza, it provides the living space outdoors, while receiving the collective activities of the house: the living room, the porch, the library, the leisure spaces and the pool.


Tucked sideways to the platform, situated half a level above its floor level, is the volume that houses the intimate wing of the house, with the family room, the bedrooms and a covered terrace. This volume, constructed with steel profiles and light closures, is connected with the platform by a light steel ladder.


A generous shelter hovers over the platform and also over the volume of the bedrooms and thus determines the covered space of the house. The raised position of this plan, detached from the lower volumes, contributes to the characterization of a well aerated construction, composed of elements detached from each other, revealing the lightness of the whole.


This shelter, conceived as a pergola that crosses the whole lot, was constructed with steel profiles and closed with glass, on the social areas or panels of waterproofed wood, over the bedroom volume. The construction system adopted, composed of light materials, all apparent, expresses lightness and enhances the permeability and light in the construction.


In the dining and living area, the glazed roof is superimposed by a plane of aluminum sunblinds and, on the underside, by a lining composed of a translucent tensioned membrane. As a result of this multi-layered set, the room is bathed in daylight, rendered soft and uniform, giving the environment a pleasant atmosphere, as well as minimizing the luminous contrast between the inner and outer space, once again valuing the relationship between them.


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