House with Shining Wall

House with Shining Wall

Furumoto Architect Assosiates co., ltd.
Hiroshima, Japan
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Seiichiro Ohkake

House with Shining Wall

Furumoto Architect Assosiates co., ltd. as Architects

"Windows are not necessary. I want a closed house." In addition to this unique request, a difficult situation was that the permissible building area was only approximately 13 tsubos (approximately 43m2). While not giving an impression that the house opens toward the outside by installing the least number of openings, our main subject was to provide a spacious chamber and create a richness of appearance in the house. We devised and utilized the three-dimensions of the building to meet the demand. That is, we clarified the role and pattern of each opening and related the openings to the cross-sectional development of the building.

Cross-sectionaly the house consists of three cores: space for get-togethers, stairs, and kitchen and bathroom, where water is used. In the space for get-togethers, or the three-story hall ranging from the second floor to the loft, windows are consecutively set on the high wall. The glass is evenly fit into the surface of the wall. Glass plays the role of “wall” even though it is windows. The house has the "shining wall" that fills the living space with light and shadow and colors life. When the light from the top light drops on the wall, it looks further dramatic. Other openings specifically function to create a comfortable indoor environment. Although the house has the minimum number of required openings, the openings promote the flow of air in the entire residence by acting in concert with the core of the stairs. The house is equipped with a circulator to release heat in summer and enhance heating efficiency in winter. The duct penetrates through the storage for the core of the space for get-togethers, which shows that the cross-sectional view of the house is utilized here as well.

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