Housing And Urban Development Project In Manresa

Housing And Urban Development Project In Manresa

Catalonia, Spain
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Adrià Goula

Housing And Urban Development Project In Manresa

PichArchitects as Architects

The proposal of the buildings and the open spaces has been structure from the consideration that the environment where the project is developed has got several point of view and confrontation with the existing city.

We can resume in three points this complexity: • The relation with the “high” city which gives a leadership to the roofs and the different treatment of the pavements and the levels of the open spaces make up a “horizontal facade” which maintains the same strength and urban intention as the real facades. Green water-tank roofs are proposed with this objective. • The relation with the St. Ignasi street as a principal access in the future city; the projects sets an typological organization and a rhythm in the façade with a constant alignment for generating a set that marks a clear urban boundary. • The relationship with Montserrat street, where the buildings are planned to interpret the existing city with its irregularities and minimum parcel.

The proposed arrangement tries to generate open spaces for pedestrians but at the same time it looks for spaces of relation between the different buildings. All the halls to the apartments are facing the Montserrat street becoming a public space of connection between the houses. ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY AND TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION PARAMETERS WATER In the matter of water saving we propose constructive systems and facilities that make an efficient use of the consumption and use of water, as well as the use of savings mechanisms proposed:

- Ecological green water tank roof: allows the provision of a green roof without irrigation and minimal maintenance. The landscaped area in an urban context , plus a visual and playful effect , is mainly a source of air purification ( transforming CO2 pollution in O2). The study of the rainfall of the place makes us to dispense of other uses of water stored in no more than water-tank roof garden . In the case of very heavy rainfall a reservoir stores the water drained, which is afterwards pumped to the roof when needed. - Reuse of gray water. Studio water flows and storage tanks and maintenance needs. - Device regulator water pressure at the entrance of the building. - Saving systems for toilets. - Systems saving faucets and appliances, opening a rebound , aerators and flow restrictors ( maximum flow of 12 liters per minute)

ENERGY Mainly focused on building systems project in the bioclimatic building performance as well as the detailed study of the isolates, avoiding thermal bridges.

- Thermal insulation is increased in all them stay by 20 % compared to that required by regulation 87 NRE -AT. Insulation thickness is increased from 5 to 8cm (can exceed 6% of global demand of a standard building). Insulation is available in slabs located on unheated places (can exceed an additional 20 % of global demand). Improvement in quality of carpentry, avoiding thermal bridge with an estimated 4% savings. All are double glazed joinery. - A coefficient minor or equal to 3.30 W/m2 thermal transmittance K is studied for at all openings - The roof improves the thermal insulation with respect to a traditional inverted cover. With the added advantage of the thermal inertia of the water surface. Alternatives that incorporate elements of thermal inertia mean an additional saving of 2% and improve the cooling demand which can be reduced by 50 %. - The facades of the project contemplated a cluster of holes and an array of blades, which generate a flow mattress or climate provide perfect cross ventilation of all types and control them from radiation. - The project, the orientations and patios are studied to ensure that all typologies have cross ventilation, solar chimneys are integrated in places were the demanded density does not allow it. - Industrialized concrete panels allow: Higher quality facades and tightness. A great opportunity to colors and textures. Continuous insulation across the front. A high speed assembly and manufacturing, thereby saving resources and energy. Qualitatively improve safety in work. - Active solar systems are placed. Solar collectors on deck for both domestic hot water and to support some indoor heating.

- The set of proposed solutions allow them; • Being able to guarantee summer temperatures and moisture sensitive inside terms of comfort without any need for artificial installation of air conditioning equipment. • In winter you can achieve standards of comfort and performance at an estimated savings of 40% in respect to a conventional building (considering all the passive and active installations proposals).

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