Kahn Gallery Shop

Kahn Gallery Shop

Keren Offner - ok design
Ramot HaShavim, Israel | View Map
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Amit Geron

Kahn Gallery Shop

Keren Offner - ok design as Architects

Studio Kahn is an Art and Design Studio for slip-cast ceramic objects based on 3D modeling co-founded  by two Israeli  designers May and Boaz Kahn and it’s  located in a small village in the center of Israel. Studio Kahn consists of Showroom and Workshop areas. The Showroom was renovated and designed by Designer KEREN OFFNER. The inspiration and concept of the renovation  came from the working material of the studio ceramic casting .


The outside walls were made of ceramic casting in the shape of  Mashrabiya ,built out of blocks with  a pattern of  hollow tiles in order to  let the light come into the space and also to expose the working material of the studio out to the street.


The Showroom is 50 sq. meter. In the entrance to the studio, a frontal and center wall  with a huge Iron library welcomes the visitors. This library, displayed with designed objects of the studio, begins in the outside and continues inside to the Showroom,and follow the visitors inside. The color of the library as well as the rest of the furniture is Stone color, which is  the basic color of ceramics.


Inside the space the designed items are displayed on mudalar podiums and a long console.. The original  floor remained the same , brown and offwhite terraso . The walls were painted with Stone color as the furniture,the concept was to allow a calm background for the designed objects of the studio. The Showroom is  divided from the Workshop by the same Mashrabiya wall as the outside.The idea was to allow the customers in the showroom to see the creation of new items in the workshop.


Material Used :
1. Ceramics
2. Wood 
3. Iron 

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