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By the architecture, the project reflects the magnificent character of the site and in order tobecome a part of the landscape. Three main architectural typologies are inspired by the Nature and coexist to create echoes to the sensuality of the hills on the skyline, to the majestic verticality of the cedar forest and to the biodiversity of the wheat field and the flourishingglade.

Effectively, the VIP Leaf chalets respond to the hills by offering to the Clienta panoramic view toward the mountains. The vertical Nest Chaletsenrich the strong identity of the forest with their spiraling wooden carpentry.The Wave chalets are embedded and camouflaged in the ground to enjoy all families with children.

The rest house complex, by the diversity of the architectural identities, gives the opportunity to accomplish three kid’s dreams and to experiment the site in three different ways with different point of views.

1.1 On top of the site The three VIP Leaf chaletsare developed horizontally, like a leaf growing from the forest toward the glade, cantilevered above the landscape. It gives the feeling of being alone, on the prow of a ship, facing the great spectacle of Nature and mountains

1.2. In the forest between the top of the trees The four Nest chalets offer to guests an unbelievable experience in this uncommon four hundred years old Cedar forest: to leave the ground to live above the ground, in the top of the trees and sleep in a nest like a bird.

1.3. Embedded in the topography of the landscape in contact with the local fauna and flora The Wave chalets and Health club provide to families and children, aunique experience of the ground, of the stone, a perfect spot to watch the wild spectacle given by flora and fauna in the glade andto discover all the biodiversity around the pound located in the middle of the site


The earth surfaced road includes the house complex in the landscape following the sensual curves of a calligraphic arabesque. Facing the North, the chalets are spread like a musical score, playing with the border of the cedar forest. They are linked together by the main access road hidden under the trees and by pedestrian hanged wooden bridges. Each family of chalet has an independent parking.

Main preoccupation working on the implantation of the building was how to create intimacy without insolation. Each chalet typology will be occupied by different group of people. By this master plan, the Client in the VIP chalet as his guests and service staff, could live completely separated without seeing each other. By the program, they have the choice to meet in the Majlis, in the Dining Room or in the Spa or to stay independent in their intimate chalets.

2.1. The 3 VIP Leaf Chalets for the Client The VIP Leaf chalet is located at the highest point, at the South East angle of the site. This location provides a view overlooking through the entire glade toward the Atlas Mountains. The intimacy is at the same time preserved by this high position. The chalet cannot be seen from guestsquarter.Using the same architectural language than the VIP suite, the Majlis and the Dining Room are in direct connection with the VIP suite unit. An elegant private access road in stone served this group of three leafs.

2.2. The Wave Health Club The Spa unit, using the Wave ground-scrapper architectural language, creates an articulation between the VIP and guest areas.

2.3. The 4 Nest Chalets for Guests. Four Nest chalets for guests are located between the majestic cedar treesin set back from the border of the forest.

2.4. The 3 Wave Chalets for families The threeWave ground-scrappersunits for families are in the glade. These chalets are completely integrated in the landscape and invisible from the top. Only their green roofs are visible.

2.5. The 3 Contours buildings The staff and services aregathered in the Contour building, on the West side of the glade. Contour buildingsare hidden behind a planted hill. This building is served by a specificservice road access.

3 / THE ECOLOGICAL ARCHITECTURES INSPIRED BY THE NATURE. The chalets can be constructively distinguished in two groups. The Leaves and the Nests are wooden construction above the ground. They have a minimal impact on the soil of the site. The Waves and Contours are stone buildings embedded in the ground. All architectural components will be prefabricated and the all chalets maximize the passive bioclimatic system by the integration of renewables energies as photovoltaic solar panels, thermic solar tubes, geothermic installation, Moroccan wells and green roofs.

3.1 Leaf / VIP suite + VIP dining room + VIP Majlis : Horizontality The Chalets are protected by the trees. The generous planted roof shades the overhanging deck. The wooden carpentry evocates the veined structure of the leaf. Indoor and outdoor spaces are highly connected by a transparent mobile façade with sliding bays.. A balcony runs all around the living areas. Inner spaces are clearly divided: night space on North East side and day living area on the South East side in the VIP Suite Chalet of the Client.

In the Majlis and the Dining Chalet, services occupy the North East and reception areas are located along the South East façade. All the technic is included in a prefabricated wooden double deck. A mechanical area and a service area are located in the base, under the chalet to assure direct and quick assistance if required.

3.2 NestChalets for guests : Verticality The Nest chalets are built above the ground, vertically, between the trees.The chalet is organized around a central circular concrete trunk. It is the technical spine integrating primary structure, shafts and an elevator. A helical staircase unfolds around the trunk which includes a library. These chalets are meditation places built around four different themes / four trunks: Time and History, Numbers and Mathematics, Letter and Literature, Arts and Crafts.

The circular living areas are developed around and wrapped into a delicate wooden skin. The skin structure is made of spiraling element braced providing shade and intimacy. The density of the wooden blades encourages views toward the glade and prevents the view from the public pathway toward the private spaces. The living room is directly accessible from the wooden walkway. On top and bottom floors, the bedrooms’ intimacy is preserved. A belvedere platform on top of the Nest offers wonderful views of the site through the top of the magnificent cedars.

3.3 Wave / Chalet for families + Health club : Ground Scrapers

The presence of thesechalets is revealed by a delicate cut into the sloppy ground.

The Wave chalets are embedded into the site. Three chalets host families and one is the Health Club. The planted roof, inspired from the vernacular local architecture protects indoor spaces and increases the thermal mass effect already provided by the contact of the ground. Indoor living area is articulated between a glass mobile façade open on the glade and a fresh shaded courtyard on the backside. Indoor and outdoor living spaces are strongly connected.

3.4 Contour / Service facilities : Invisibility The contour building disappears in the landscape. The three ribbons follow the contours of the site geography. They are camouflage. The indoor partition is pragmatic. The simple typology of the building let us imagine an easy extension of the building if required.

Welcome into the Wild to live these innovating and eco-responsible experiences

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