La Roche house

La Roche house

Rochebaudin, France
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La Roche house

Archiplein as Architects

The project is located in south France, in the Drome region, well-known for its massive stone house. This intervention takes place in one of them, and converts this old tobacco barn in a family house.

The goal, here, is to sublimate qualities and the feelings already present on the spot. The large gate is the basic element which generates the entire project: its symmetrical is deferred on the northern frontage generating a crossing tube of light. The limit between outside and interior disappears, operating the fusion of nature and built. The space of the ground thus illuminated contrast with the higher level which rather seeks the introversion and the shade to him. Two worlds cohabit, consequently how to consider their connection? It is the deformation of each floor that metaphorically operates this transition: the concrete block represents the extension of the ground floor while the steel torus let us imagine that the reinforced structure of the first level is coming down to touch the ground.

This stair was imagining not only as a connection system but more like a sculptural masterpiece. It’s the only remarkable element that is organising the minimalist ground floor, always present; it is a soft separation between two kinds of spaces in plan, the dining area and the living room.

We consider this stair as an art piece because of is pure expression inspired by artists like Constantin Brancusi or Pierre Soulage, but also because it was realized in this way. Unlike what we can imagine, none industrial process has been used for is conception and realization. It’s the great balance between idea and human faculties. Our collaborative research has always focused on the 0 degree of details in terms of structural concept and construction so as to express as best as possible physicality, materiality and primitive feeling. Following this idea, only 2 elements are generating the whore stairs: steel torus and massive ash wood pieces.

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