La Vaca Steakhouse

La Vaca Steakhouse

Giuliano Marchiorato
Curitiba, State of Paran√°, Brazil
Project Year
Eduardo Macarios

La Vaca Steakhouse

Giuliano Marchiorato as Architects

La Vaca Steakhouse has the concept of the duality of the search for the origin of barbecue in Latin America and the search for contemporary architecture.

The architectural design sought in a modern way the pure design of two opaque rectangular blocks sectored from the proposed program.

The left block consists of the butcher shop, kitchen and toilet facilities, a service block.

The right block consists of the dining room and the drink bar, a social block. The unifying element consists of an architectural path designed by the architect so that the viewer travels through all micro environments such as the butcher shop, the barbecue before reaching the final destination, the lounge.

This course is crowned by of polycarbonate skylight that filters out sunlight resulting in uniform light.

The central element of this architectural route is a tiled mural by artist Romulus Lass, the architect's partner, who tells the story of the first meat roasters in Latin America.

The main and minimalist elements found in the interiors of the environment are the wood that alludes to the barbecue fire, the cement and steel that translate the contemporary and modern.

Regionalism is prevalent in space, local suppliers and also in design pieces such as decorative lamps signed by local studio Dsgn Selo.

The main hall honeycomb polycarbonate luminaires were developed and designed especially for Steakhouse.

The implementation of the project on the ground made it possible to open a secret back garden, seen from the street, which receives more external tables and allows different ways of living and eating.

Finally, La Vaca steakhouse is a celebration of the Latin barbecue rescue and a contemporary belonging with a pure and minimalist design.

The architecture and interior design enable the viewer to live a variety of experiences during a journey such as choosing his butcher's piece of meat, sending it to the barbecue to be baked while waiting for a drink at the bar, ordering side dishes from the kitchen, enjoying from a secret garden or sit at a comfortable table in the main hall.
A unique experience.

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