La Vida Medical Health Center

La Vida Medical Health Center

Rispoli Guerrera
Via dei Palissandri, 8, 86039 Termoli, CB, Italy | View Map
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Peppe Maisto

La Vida Medical Health Center

Rispoli Guerrera as Architects

The health center is located at the first floor of a multifunctional building. The project focuses on the idea of thinking a space where the simplicity could contrast the outside chaos, together with the aim of using materials whose essence can be truly expressed.

The relatively small dimensions of the waiting room, thanks to the gradual transparency of the opaque glass, to the light reflected on the steel wall, they expand, spreading a kind of order and hygiene. Steel, glass and marble contribute to give the project an aspect of high-tech that perfectly fit with the modern equipment of the center. Vertical profiles give a sense of order, incise the steel walls, and create shadows among the different materials used. All these elements create a base for the soft lines of the plants located in the waiting room.

The corridor is 16 meters long and it consists of white lighted walls and hidden doors. It separates the clinic side to the service side and highlights the big garden on the back. The greenery becomes a key element in the project and contributes to create a place where the wellness of both doctors and patients play a key role.

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San Francisco, CA, USA - Build completed in 2018
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