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Franken Architekten GMBH as Architects

Franken Architekten has been commissioned for the building and interior design planning of the renovation and expansion of a “Gründerzeit” building in Frankfurt Alt-Sachsenhausen. The late nineteenth old building was completely renovated and updated with a new elevator core in the courtyard. The lacking in parts in natural stone facade has been restored and the remedial measures of recent years dismantled and adapted to the Wilhelminian facade. The object associated 60s buildings have been replaced by a new building, as an archaic gabled house without roof overhangs.

The scenographic concept of LINDENBERG is developed together with the team led by Dr. Steen Rothenberger and designer Kathi Käppel. The narrative based on the biography of a fictitious personality: LIBERTINE LINDENBERG. This courageous and openhearted hostess has transformed her House in Alt-Sachsenhausen to a contemporary guest community. Alt-Sachsenhausen was after the Second World War, with its traditional cider houses a popular nightlife of American GIs with many jazz clubs. Until today free love and ribs with cabbage merge in a unique blend of avant-garde and “Hinterweltlertum”. In all this hustle and bustle Libertine mixed with lively and offers transients and stranded a temporary home.

In the spirit of this narrative and the context of Alt-Sachsenhausen interior with attention to detail has been designed jointly. There is a high-contrast, often eclectic mix of rigorous, multi-functional device and handmade unique pieces with "history." The detailed presentation is characterized by tactile materials such as wall textiles, hand-blown lamps and ornamental concrete tiles. The complementary artwork was developed in editions and one-offs from international designers and artists as a reflection on the interior context and the context of Alt-Sachsenhausen led by Dr. Steen Rothenberger and Kathi Käppel: textile installations, “Brandritzungen” and limited art prints complete the storytelling. The delicate and pastel playfulness of the house was in thought of a native orchard: birds, beetles, butterflies, grasses and apples play on the surfaces throughout the house, whether in the forged entrance gate or the hand-embroidered internals of rooms.

A break with this lovely scenery takes place in the so-called "Black Holes" - deep dark areas that lie consistently across all elements of the design. Craftiness meets clearness. The "Black Holes" symbolize the shadow of Libertines past, sentimental stories and bygone loves. Functionally, they serve, for example, in the suites as monolithic blocks of closet and kitchenette. Elsewhere they act as zoning between entrance, bathroom and living area or mark a transition in the stairwell. The "Black Holes" are also used on the facade as soffits of in steelgarments enclosed windows and the front door, which punshing sheer the historic stone facade of the old building.

The facade of the new turn referenced to the genius loci with a computer algorithm ornament of a distorted diamond motif, echoing the locally typical structure of "ribbed" cider glass. It was manufactured in the same developed by Franken Architekten art as the facade of the situated in the vicinity house Kleine Rittergasse 11 by the same owner. For the implementation in plaster pattern digitally generated was milled into granules plates of plaster specialists Sto, which are glued directly to a thermal insulation system. The “Gerippte” pattern continues in the window sill elements and can also be found as a graphic element in the interior design and the artistic works again.

Libertine’s Story is a game with the supposed realities and will get enrolled by its residents new facets. Residents whose biographical life is now often replaced by a multi graphic life, which is characterized by discontinuity and fractures. LIBERTINE LINDENBERG extends over seven floors. In the basement there is a recording studio, which opens the door for joint jam sessions, concerts and film screenings, as well as a gym. In the ground floor is a living-room-café and an office space. In the attic there is a cooking landscape, a pantry kitchen for events, a dining room with picturesque views on the winding roofs of Alt-Sachsenhausen and LEKKER grocery store where the residents can provide culinary delights. Spread over the floors there are 27 one- to three-room suites, six of which extend in new buildings and maisonettes over two floors.

The LIBERTINE LINDENBERG reflects the societal need for communal living and working. The increase in one-person households leads to increasing isolation and increased desire for community, which is with this flexibly designed living concept that adapts to the current life of its inhabitants, met. LIBERTINE LINDENBERG realized Collaborative Living and transmits the culture of swapping and sharing, in real space. Thus, it creates a new quality of living with "we-feeling", but receives in parallel the possibility of individuality and thus master the fine line between sociability and intimacy. Participative and transparent exclusively.

This extraordinary project will help to increase the viability and quality of stay in the city district and to impart Alt-Sachsenhausen new charm.

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