Like sleeping on the clouds

Like sleeping on the clouds

Marjolein Garritsen, Jan de Bouvrie Academy
Teuge, Netherlands
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Like sleeping on the clouds

GROHE as Manufacturers

Extraordinary suite fitted with GROHE Ondus®

Staying overnight on a plane – not uncomfortably during a night flight but in luxury on the ground - this wish has come true in Holland. In Teuge near Apeldoorn a former government aircraft for East German officials has been converted into a unique hotel suite, which leaves nothing to be desired in terms of comfort and design. In such a special location a particular fittings range should also be present. For this GROHE Ondus® was chosen; the innovative premium collection from the leading manufacturer of fittings.

Only two years previously the plane model “Ilyushin 18” had lived a bleak existence as a pub in a little village in the German state Saxony Anhalt. Until tourism entrepreneur Ben Thijssen discovered it and quickly snapped it up for the scrap value of €25,000. He transported the historical plane, which was used to ferry Erich Honecker until 1964 and then for years took holidaymakers from East Germany to Cuba, Russia and China, to Holland. There he had it converted into one of the most unusual places to spend a night in.

Apart from the cockpit, which remains in its original state, the plane was fitted with all the facilities of a modern hotel suite. From a designer bed to the lounge area with comfortable leather sofas to an outdoor terrace overlooking the airfield everything is available for a luxury stay. The plane suite is equally suitable for accommodating two guests as it is hosting conferences for up to 15 people.

Marjolein Garritsen, a student at the Jan des Bouvrie Academy in Deventer was responsible for the interior design. It gives the interior a very modern ambience with retro influences. White painted surfaces complemented by matt black accents dominate the interior of the plane suite. The design is simple and minimalist. Recurring elements complement the aircraft theme: ovals and circles.

Even the sanitary facilities of the suite offer first class comfort. From the whirlpool to a separate shower partition to an infrared sauna, guests can have a few hours’ relaxation for wellness as well. GROHE Ondus® was chosen for the fittings. Ben Thijssen and Marjolein Garritsen opted for the velvet black versions as they fit perfectly into the interior concept. “GROHE Ondus® offers exactly the design and the technology that I wanted for the plane suite”, explains Ben Thijssen.

The premium line from GROHE was designed following the sensual minimalism philosophy. Its combination of simplicity and emotion is impressive. Its light and purist design radiates current lifestyle and fits perfectly into a modern/minimalist ambience. An aesthetic statement with a special appeal. Fitted with the latest features and functions GROHE Ondus® even sets new standards in operation and maintenance. The digital control of the fittings is self-explanatory and invites instant and interactive operation.

“GROHE Ondus® impresses like no other fitting with its interplay of exceptional design and sophisticated technology. This successful combination has given it an exclusive market position. So it fits perfectly into the luxurious and exceptional concept of the plane hotel”, according to Rob van Dee, GROHE account manager in the Netherlands.

Ben Thijssen put €450,000 into the renovation of “Ilyushin 18”; a worthwhile investment because the unusual hotel is already booked out months in advance – and not just from Dutch aircraft fans.


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