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Linea show room

Linea show room

Vilnius, Lithuania | View Map
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Leonas Garbačauskas

Linea – office, shop, showroom

Arches as Architects

LINEA – an office and the showroom for exclusive quality and interior decoration materials.

The building is located in the historic district Žvėrynas, the former summer resort and recently part of an old town of Vilnius. Rich with old wooden houses and natural vegetation it is considered one of the most preserved historic small scale homesteads of the city. This is what has become the main challenge – to face the strict architectural and urban protection requirements, by the same time to create a contemporary, memorable, open and inviting object for the public use.

The structure of the building responds to the surrounding small urban scale. The composition consists of two smaller volumes that cross and overpass each other. Slightly irregular volumes reflect the shape of the plot as well as create the sense of a natural move. This is what comes from the neighboring buildings - chaotic, irregular, old wooden and brick structures. With an intention to integrate into the small urban building scale of Žvėrynas the volume is complex as well as the silhouette interprets the gable homestead house typology. The narrow facades are orientated towards the main street.

The main idea for the aesthetic expression was inspired by the urban environment and the company's name “Linea”(Lat. - one of the meanings is"the line"). The composition of the volumes is inspired by he small, variable character of adjacency, whereas the external expression and materiality reflects the activities and interpretation of the company itself. Ceramic plates are individual rectangular ceramic elements are used for the facade finishing. Blinds as well as separate volumetric ceramic stripes in front of the glass windows create gracefulness, lightness and the sense of openness. The dynamic facade line graphics is perceived by opaque surfaces interlacing with a variety of single ceramic strips. In addition to the aesthetic function the horizontal blinds protect the premises from overheating. The shadow graphics become an integral part of the interior. The goal was to achieve a sense of integrity - therefore, the ceramic wall finishing also continuously covers the roof slopes. The plastic roof ridge detail underlines the idea of continuity and integrity of the volumes.

The compact building structure consists of the three floors. The first and the second floors serve as the exposition space. The third floor shelters the office space. The stairs as well as elevator ensures the accessibility to the commercial spaces on the second floor.

An idea for the interior was a maximum withdrawal of excess decorating. Leaving open, floating interior spaces was with a clear idea for sales - to exhibit and represent the interior and finishing materials. Exposed concrete surfaces, apparent duct systems and exhibited lightning become secondary background elements. (Interior design proposed together with the interior design studio - "Plazma").

The plot is paved with openwork concrete pads filled with rubble. It becomes a comfortable way to drain the surfaces and collect the rain water. As an interface with the homestead surroundings proposed is the lawn and the greenery. Emphasized is the openness, easy accessibility and the public nature of the building.

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