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The scoreboard of the old stadium shone above the misty Vilnius city center for many years, informing about an unusual events happening and attracting crowds of citizens, - “1:0” or maybe “GOAL!”? That dark, pixel-shaped structure of the scoreboard was the integral part of the city’s silhouette and played an important role in urban memory.


We decided to take advantage of this strong image by participating in architectural office building competition that was held on the site of the former stadium. The original monumental, pixelated façade and lying obelisk-like structure, settled along one of the city’s most important arteries. It was important for us to create an extravertal complex that lets the light and people flow fluently through the building, allowing to find a place for recreation, work and observation of urban city life.

Nearly 180 m long structure of the building was divided by the volume the atrium. The atrium settled on the urban axis from the street on the west letting the sun to illuminate the square on the east. The main entrance is provided on the north side, where the largest volume cut on the corners forms the maximum opening to the space. All "cutouts" are made of clear, bleached glass. Such a light-dark effect not only helps to identify points of access, but also optically divides the volume into parts - volume becomes contextual in scale.

Behind the dark, pixel-structured parts of the façade office spaces are designed to ensure an overview of the whole building environment. The dark aluminum profiles highlight the structure of the individual cells (pixels) and also hide the air vents providing natural ventilation for each workplace.

The central atrium designed as an oasis of light where hanging bridges and meeting rooms open the panoramas of Vilnius and provide spaces for social interactions. In order to maximize transparency the hanging glass walls were designed, which are held by special cables. The atrium is dominated by light - interior is designed with white terrazzo floors, bleached glass walls and white-painted structures.

The cutouts formed on the ground floor create the impression of a levitating structure. These carved spaces are used for covered access to the underground parking while on the east side the cutout is made for a small “tribune”, where you can watch the events, find shelter from the rain and warm in the winter. Its location was chosen not accidentally - it was once the central tribune of the old stadium.

However, the active interaction between building and the city does not stop only on the ground floor openings. The rooftop of the building also becomes a vital place for events and views of city’s panoramas – it opens the views of the main symbol of Vilnius - the tower of Gediminas Castle. The building never sleeps - someone is communicating, someone is working, someone is sitting in the amphitheater enjoying the street dance.

What will the citizens see today on this scoreboard: "1 : 0", or maybe "I LOVE YOU"?..

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