“Los Almendros” Social Center

“Los Almendros” Social Center

Ferrer Arquitectos
Almería, Spain
Project Year
Community Centres

Cultural Centres
David Frutos

“Los Almendros” Social Center

Ferrer Arquitectos as Architects

A covered public square: that was the initial idea of the project, and it has been kept until the end. Its privileged location, in one of the entrances to the city of Almeria, provides this project with an interesting viewpoint disposition.

The cafeteria terrace “flies” over the ground, producing a weightlessness effect, as opposed to the roof, which grows from the surface. By the name of integration center, different and complementary purposes coexist and can be noticed from the outside through their diverse appearances. Each of them is portrayed by modern boxes that interact among them under the imposing roof, which unites them.

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