Luxurious Apartment in India

Luxurious Apartment in India

ZZ Architects
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ZZ Architects

Luxurious Apartment in India

ZZ Architects as Architects

ZZA believes good design is produced from careful study and research, combined with technical knowledge and artistic judgment. Attention to detail, proportions, and scale, together with common sense, ensure the finished product fully develops the potential within the concept, and that’s why they trusted Covet House to provide some of the pieces featured in their most luxurious and stylish projects.


This 5000 sq.ft / 464,5 m2 apartment is located sea-facing Walkeshwar, in one of the most affluent areas in South Mumbai, India. Near Walkeshwar Temple, Banganga Tank and Jain temples, the name in which the apartment was baptized.


Warm, nurturing and extravagant are some of the adjectives used to describe this apartment. The combination of both textures, fabrics, materials, but especially colors, provide a transcendent deluxe appeal and an overall expensive and lavish aesthetic.



The hues of beige, nude and cream scattered combined with the gold of the light molding in the ceilings, create a perfect harmony even with different textures of the furniture, lighting and accessories, a perfect and seamless combination throughout every division.

Calm with the eclectic style, providing a lustrous appeal to the architecture and to the design of the interior.


Besides the textures, the contrast between materials, like the living room where the hardness and coldness of crystal suspension lamps, is the perfect oxymoron for the softness of the contemporary velveted upholstery both in the living and dining room.


The living room has the perfect sea-facing open windows in which the sunlight utterly reflects into the interior, bringing out the polished marble floors, that enlightens all the room giving a sense of warmth and comfort. The cleanliness and the arrange of the furniture, also provide a voguish appeal and feel of splendor.


Although very simple, the dining room serves the right amount of luxury with a clean and straightforward tabletop and twelve bourgeoise dining chairs that completely stand out in the room.


The entrance hall is where first impressions of this apartment are met. Also very sophisticated, and with a natured inspired décor, visible and palpable in every corner. First by the fantastic oriental wallpaper with the representation of the famous Japanese cherry tree, breaking free of the silvery and golden colors of the other rooms and its own surroundings.


Also resembling a tree, but with a very characteristic shape, that complements both the suspension lamps and also the color scheme of the project, is the Newton console from BOCA DO LOBO. An outstanding moment of inspiration. A luxury statement piece created in order to fulfill the needs of our clients that are looking for the best in contemporary furniture design mixed up with luxurious details and high-quality materials, that completely defy the laws of physics.


On the other hand, and completely on-brand is the Namib armchair, from the heavily nature-inspired BRABBU. Taking inspiration from the Namib desert, this powerful accent chair is upholstered in satin cotton and has legs in high gloss black lacquered, embodying an invigorating strength. It’s the perfect twist on a classic piece that totally transforms this entrance setting.


The master, guest, and even the junior bedrooms are the ultimate homage to luxury

The use of velvet is a major characteristic of this project. Soft and effortless, velvet is a fabric that exudes royalty and exuberance, especially in white, silver or brownish tones, like seen in both master and guest rooms. Also, the use of clean lines and accentuated angles provide true contemporary appeal.


The junior room, on the other hand, is much more playful and soulful. The use of bright color and round shapes contrast the seriousness of the architecture.

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