M Garden Duplex
Salem Mostefaoui
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
windows Reynaers Aluminium
small round lighting on master bedroom mirrorFlos
2 living room couchesMuuto
linear lightingDelta Light
Femtoline 45
armchairs in the living roomCassina
all shadesKvadrat
Divina Melange Collection

Product Spec Sheet
small round lighting on master bedroom mirror
2 living room couches
linear lighting
Femtoline 45 by Delta Light
armchairs in the living room
Utrecht by Cassina
all shades
Divina Melange Collection by Kvadrat

M Garden Duplex

toledano + architects as Architects

This Duplex is located in the 2 first floors of a building from the 70’s and had never been renovated. It has aprivate 1000 sqm garden, which is such a rare thing inside Paris.

The renovation was complete, from the floors to the stairs, windows etc. The idea was to remodel entirely the layout in order to fit the family with 3 young children needs but also to improve air ventilation and isolation for summer and winter comfort.

In order to maximize natural daylight and still be protected against high heat during summer- something that has become today’s standard in Paris-, the windows were replacedby a very thin and highly efficient aluminium model. The glass has solar control properties and is also the source of heat of all the apartment, providing an innovative soft and comfortable heating solution. Also, the floor level continuityerases boundaries between inside and outside and expandshorizontally the space.

The general layout was thought with a big modular master bedroom on the ground floor, as well as a wide open shared space and the 3 kids rooms plus a playground area on the 2ndt floor. That way, intimacy is provided between parents and children while the apartment also calls for exchange and togetherness. The wide living room, dining room and kitchen are connected to the wood terrace and planted garden through the big sliding windows.

The stairs design plays with transparency, using perforated metal sheets as well as geometry and gravity. The steps are hanging from the wall and ceiling and wrapped in a triangular metal box, while a wood closet was integrated underneath.

Modularity is a key word. The master suite is built through several progressive layers of privacy, thanks to pivot doors that allow to choose weather to integrate rooms in the general common space or in the master suite, according to the time of the day or visitor. It includes a home-office that turned out to be so usefull during Covid and a boxing space, as well as a bathroom with a garden view, a dressing room and a bedroom.

The materials are minimal, warm and chic at the same time with a Japanese feel. In the boxing space and dressing room, the wood and fabric floor to ceiling spaces were inspired by tatamis. In the rest of the Duplex, Concrete, black metal, black granit, Carrara marble, oak wood, fabric and perforated steel. On the kids floor, a bright Klein blue brings a fun and dynamic twist to the common playroom and TV room.

Everything here was made to measure, including a red Corian coffee table and a yellow Corian dining room table on the Ground floor that brighten up the space.

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