Macif Ile

Macif Ile

Niort, France
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Macif Ile

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The Macif Group is the most important Mutual Insurance in France, whose affiliate “Ile de France” is located in Niort, in a strategic location which manages the 5 districts in Paris. Its new headquarters is a newly constructed building which is high quality environment certified HQE (High Quality Environmental standard), and for which have approved Actiu products, along with all the group´s offices at National level.

The project was aimed at providing more functionality to office furniture and at the same time creating a pleasant and warm working environment. The Vital Plus desk with auxiliary wings have managed to make the most out of the space in which the operating positions are located. Each work station is accompanied by a melamine pedestal made up of a drawer and a filing tray which organizes suspended folders for all administrative material.

Furthermore, the Split dividers finished in translucent glass, incorporates an upper multi-rail profile , which facilitates personalization and optimizes workspace thanks to the use of complementary items at third level such as document holder trays. The divider covers the entire length of the desk, giving the work area more privacy.

Metal cabinets and the model Copiant furniture have been installed to give filing and a photocopier service to all work positions. The Vital Plus desks are equipped with a suspended electrification channel to maintain order of the wiring and obtain a clean view of the lower end of the room.

The Insurance company wanted to have some of their multi-purpose rooms with office furniture that offers mobility and versatility. The Trama program of desks with folding top and castors, allows you to configure the room to the needs of each moment in a fast and efficient way.

In the installation a clear tone of wood prevails and brightness provided by the natural light which enters numerous windows. The furniture in the operative areas and offices for middle management also have kept the same tone offering an optical feeling of very nice continuity. The individual desk Vital Plus, a composition with doors and drawers of modular cabinets and an oval Circular Base desk comprise of the equipment for the work areas of middle management.

For management light, fresh and elegant aesthetics have been sought in line with market trends. Two Arkitek desks, one in its management version and the other round, for meetings that occupy the spacious room. A composition of stackable cabinets combine different storage modules in wenge and black glass finishes.

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