Makenna Resort

Makenna Resort

Drucker Arquitetura
Ponta da Tulha, Brazil
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Makenna resort

Drucker Arquitetura as Architects


Makenna Resort is located in southern Bahia state between the cities of Ilheus and Itacare in Environmental Reserve area of native Atlantic forest protected by UNESCO.

The program consists of a clubhouse with restaurant and leisure rooms, spa, 16 bungalows and service sectors, with total area of 6,700 m². It is inserted in a plot of 50hás, remaining intact 42hás of Atlantic forest, intervening only in 8hás next to the Navy strip.

The challenge of this project was to interact with architectural space in a place marked by exuberant nature. That is, building a territory in which the physical landmark was no longer a scenario but active part of the building, through the identification of key elements of the landscape that would flourish through a system of visual relations that could transcend the domain of the building.

The building embodies the landscape, radicalizing its potential. We have tried to dramatically expand the sense of horizontality by eliminating from the visual field that which is not substantially the essence of the landscape.


A structure of concrete was defined with ribbed slabs and core of expanded polystyrene of high-density 30 cm thick, with relatively separated regular support, and in all cases large spans. The slabs of the floors are raised 70 cm from ground level.

By removing the support structure of the edges of buildings, large terraces and indoor-outdoor transition spaces were created, without interference of structural elements, which are the main living areas. The formal result is two horizontal parallel plates, only separated from the floor, contrasting with the verticality of palm trees, single plant species – in this part of the land – with visual consistency.

The adopted structural system responds well to the program and the execution, without renunciation, and also without violence. A rigorous geometric system, but also open and flexible. WEATHER | ARCHITECTURE

To improve thermal comfort, along with the use of expanded polystyrene in the roofs, the buildings were raised from the ground providing cooling to the environment and easy access for maintenance of sanitary facilities. Due to the constant heat and high humidity we chose front-back openings to facilitate air flow, decreasing indoor temperature and eliminating the use of air conditioning. The project includes water heating system by solar energy and Mizuno sewerage system with effluent of 98% purity.


One of the particularities of the project is the interaction between architectural spaces and artistic interventions, besides nature. This aspect is very important because they not only complement, but give strength to one another.

The entrance hall houses two minimalist installations: confrontation of indigenous and fishermen’s objects with industrial products that cut and divide them. Symbols of faith and existential convictions, works of German artist Thilo Scheuermann. PETRUS; an Indian canoe cut by a plate of Corten steel. RED SEA; four ocas (Brazilian indigenous housing) from Tupinambas (indigenous tribe in the region) divided by a tube painted with red automotive paint. The social areas house centennial objects of African tribal art composed by masks and flags. In addition to contemporary paintings of the same artist.

Project and coordination: Drucker arquitetos associados Authors: Monica Drucker and Ruben Otero Team: Roni Ebina, Fausto Chino, Juliana Martins, Victor Minghini Structure: Pedro Teleki Installations: GRAU Engenharia Hotel Management Consulting: Mauro Motoda Artworks: Thilo Scheuermann Photos: Leonardo Finotti

Suppliers: Construction: Polis Projeto Consultoria Ltda. Casing: Oficina de Marcenaria| Altalux Flooring: Cordeiros Engenharia Ltda. Lighting: Lightworks Iluminação e Consultoria Waterproofing: VIAPOL Sewage treatment: MIZUNO Stones: local Sandstones from the North Ceramics: Jatoba

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