Manolo y Venancio

Manolo y Venancio

Miguel de la Torre Arquitectos

Jorge Garrido

Manolo y Venancio

Miguel de la Torre Arquitectos as Architects

The project for this Spanish cuisine restaurant was developed in two rooms of Casa Quimera, a mansion of the traditional Roma neighborhood in Mexico City with an excellent location. The main challenge of the project was developing a project inside of a protected house with an established land use permit. This was resolved with an accurate tracking of all the necessary procedures and in parallel developing a project for the restaurant that highlights the quality of the property and carries it with all dignity to another period or long and useful life.

The spaces are wide answering to the characteristic of the period and type of construction. To make the most of them all the walls were covered with black mirror to create the impression of wider areas. The natural light, the interior lighting and its reflections created a very warm atmosphere. The spatial feeling achieved allows the guests to be in an spacious ambiance that receive and welcomes them.

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