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Caorle, Italy
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Simone Micheli as Architects

The client’s mission: Marina Verde “Marina Verde wellness resort” is a new tourist and residential complex that rises up along the Adriatic coast, right in the heart of Caorle- Venice, in a strategic area located at the south of the Sea, at the north of “Darsena dell’ Orologio”, at the east of the city- centre, at the west of western coast. Our speci c intention has been naturalizing a construction project so that the green area predominates over the buildings in an unusual ratio of 1 to 1. This action shows the value we give to the quality of living, rather than to quantity of buildings. This is the rst real work built in harmony with the landscape, through a rationality based on new technologies and made up with innovations, that is a perfect mix among architecture, design and eco-friendly thoughts. The work is characterized by garden-roofs, inner courtyards, walkways, owers boxes, and the Sea Park. The Sea Park, through which everyone can reach the beach, is lled up with various species and essences of native plants, where everyone can relax and stay in a perfect way of being. The Marina Verde residences are realized with the latest technologies in cooperation with business leaders and professionals who share the philosophy of the project in terms of energy savings, research, quality and design. “Marina Verde wellness resort” speaks the language of contemporary architecture where ecology is combined with technology, and technique is married with research. Marina Verde was born from here! Marina Verde bases its philosophy right on the careful respect of the environment: a green philosophy in order to turn the residential buildings into a modern and prestigious centre of attraction in the international world of tourism, ensuring the highest quality of “modern living” to costumers. Carlo Falconera

The heart of the interior design: Simone Micheli The Architect Micheli’s idea about the interior design of “Marina Verde wellness resort” - an extended residence conceived for tourism - is to de ne a eld full of architectural content and expressions which belong to our present-future, narrating a thrilling story that speaks about sustainability. “It is a space, a re ection on tourist residences, on a great wellness centre, on a wide and interactive lobby whose main objective is to build an enveloping homogeneous volumetric eld where the proactive materials used are wonderful and friendly to the environment. The affected building area is over 15,000 square metres and appears to be characterized by a set of candid and essential totemic volumes contrasting each other with a vibrant yet natural harmonic dissonance. The “Marina Verde wellness resort” is characterised by a dynamic expressivity, a strong visual identity surrounded by intelligent, ergonomic and functional contents. Everything is conceived to overcome the barriers of known reality, and foster a perception of other places, through the use of compositional and conceptual unlikely stories, not canonical and neither mimetic. It is a project characterized by sets of signs that accost the real estate transaction to the creative world. It is an intervention able to transform the experience lived by the visitor into active memory, because it is built on the basis of uniqueness and excellence”. Simone Micheli.

The Project The objective of delineating a sustainable project which is also generator and perpetuator of beauty and of transparent opulence is fully reached in the interior design of Marina Verde Wellness Resort. The volumes of the interior, characterized by white voids and basic elements help to simplify life and eliminate redundancies. In each apartment few furnishings have totemic value and fully express an essential architectural gesture. The open and light- lled environments allow the compenetration of different functions, making the space uid. Therefore the living area, with porcelain gres ooring and wooden patterns extend organically and without interruptions towards the exterior in the panoramic terrace facing the sea. Similarly, the kitchen, with planar surfaces and full height lacquered chests ows into the dining area. The LED illuminated objects, encapsulated in plastic volumes with a marine concept, along with terse plasters, alternated with partitions covered in wallpaper with anomalous blue geometries, play a nodal role in all spaces. The bedrooms, also distinguished for extreme whiteness, have similar chests with lacquered doors and chromed elliptical handles. The bed seems to be suspended from the oor and such an effect is accentuated by a diffuse blue LED light emanated at its base. Contributing to the harmonious and dreamlike atmosphere, the head of the bed is also lit up with blue LEDs. Here, like in the living area, an LCD TV monitor is encased in an elliptical mirror located above the bed so it can be used while lying beneath the warmth of the blankets. Even the bathrooms follow the ideal of minimalist luxury meant to simplify and give value to daily life; in this environment formal cleanliness dominates with white nishes and immaculate surfaces. The elliptical mirror above the sink becomes a oating bubble, suspended from the wall and accentuated thanks to LED perimetral lights. The shower is separated by a sandblasted crystal panel with a decorative pattern, functional for privacy. The same ideal of functionality, simplicity and suggestive multiplicity is concretized also in the common areas of the extensive and prestigious complex. The presence of a vivacious space meant for children with colorful poufs and decorated walls with funny drawings shows the attention to praticality and to the expression of an imaginary and playful dimension. The bar and restaurant area Cafè de Mar, on the ground oor, offer a relaxing and also sensorially stimulating environment. A game of lights coming from different sources creates a synaesthetic and hybrid space. The bar is suspended on a curve of blue light, and is also irradiated from above by a symmetrical colored LED ribbon and by adjustable spotlights in the ceiling. The area in front, reserved for tables and with solid columns in raw cement, receives natural light from a crystalline curtain wall façade and from linear neon lights oriented geometrically and encased in the ceiling. The Chips chairs by Simone Micheli, the structure of which is synthesized by emptying them from matter, create a dialogue between ergonomic and ethereal which characterizes the entire space. The project perfectly expresses the philosophy of an environment where practicality and art are mixed, nature and technology complete each other, comfort and entertainment are fused in symbiotic harmony. All this in a stimulating, emotional, suggestive space, which is also eco-compatible and functional, expression of an “other luxury” and of a candid, desired essentialism. The Wellness Center The wellness center, which osmotically connects the interior to intriguing outdoor spaces is developed on a space of 2000 sqm. and is made up of multiple areas: a pool area, two saunas, two hammams, relax spaces with white beds and treatment cabins which preserve privacy. In this relaxing environment the possibility of nding regenerating relief from the cycle of daily life is dialectically linked to a multisensoriality which allows experience to become unforgettable memory. Inside the wellness center created by the architect Simone Micheli, it is possible to transcend conventional space-time to start a sensorial path suggestive of a return to the origins. Guests are immersed in an intriguing atmosphere, reminiscent of the maritime world. Water, a primor- dially vital element, becomes fundamental in the thermal center: its symbolic purifying valence, expressed by the marine theme, is linked organically to its curative qualities and to the bene cial effects of hydrotherapy that the spa offers. The intent of integra- ting functionality and aesthetic experience is perceived starting from the reception. Here the acid green oor, the white surfa- ces, along with the re ective ones, and the chips chairs, all touches tending to a contemporary and technological mood, are adjoined to natural elements like columns and walls entirely covered by vivid green leaves. The synthesis between arti cial and organic is perfectly expressed by sh-shaped decorative elements. Of various dimensions and realized in chromed re ective ma- terial, these are suspended from the ceiling in different environments throughout the spa, creating an intriguing game of luminous blue re ections. The same chromed sh oat above the main pool area, where they create unreal and uid visions. Three pools with warm water between 30° and 36° celsius degrees occupy this space. Two, one of which is meant for children, are entirely covered, while one, semi-covered, allows the passage to the open in the green garden without getting out of the pool water, creating an uninterrupted and harmonic ow between stimulating and sinuous environments. The treatment cabins are set up for several wellness treatments, like regenerating massages, while an extended relax area with welcoming and ergonomic beds allows a full appropriation of the sensorial sphere. The relax area, characterized by diffuse lights, colored exible linear LED lights, dimmable continuous neons and adjustable spotlights, sounds and aromas, with diffusion integrated in the air implant, creates a synaesthetic and awakening experience of psychophysical wellness which is often lost in daily life. The objective of syntony between mind and body is reached in the adjacent path; from a bio sauna with high temperatures and purifying function, to the revitalizing hammam with scrub, passing through a cold shower, steam jets, and a hot shower, all in a visually pleasant and sensually enveloping environment, total wellness is achieved. Moving uidly the guest can indulge the bene ts of a warm Jacuzzi pool with energizing water jets, followed by an aromatic hammam equipped with an ice-making machine, and another purifying sauna. Finally, facing the garden is the extensive gym and tness area, lit with LED spotlights encased in the ceiling, and fully out tted with every machine to stimulate the body. At the boundaries with the external world, the interiors of the thermal com- plex at Marina Verde resort & wellness is an oasis where pleasure and relax become plurisensorial and memorable experience thanks to the treatments of hydrotherapy (and not only) which are offered, with innovative, functional and suggestive design.

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