Mineral Botanical

Mineral Botanical

Bassinet Turquin Paysage
Orleans, France

Mineral Botanical

Bassinet Turquin Paysage as Architects

From vectorial transmutation… «Turbulences» by Jakob+MacFarlane integrates into the setting, taking the building’s orthogonal lines and original public space and deforming them. In this multi-angular building, formal specifications are guided by intangible considerations such as aesthetics, sunlight, empty spaces, traffic and so on.

To material transmutation Our garden project is an extension of the momentum launched by Jakob+MacFarlane. Our objective is not to copy the form of the vectorial transmutation of «Turbulences», as this deformation is led directly by considerations that do not affect the garden site. However, we shall pursue the idea of transmutation in order to generate space. The garden is the subject of material transmutation, where mineral surface meets botanical surface. The garden combines these two aspects, which are also areas of movement, gatherings, exhibitions and receptions, similar to the gardens of the New York Museum of Modern Art.

From the mineral… The material transmutation of the garden begins with the mineral aspect. The building structure is divided into 60 cm modules. This dimension features the dual advantage of representing an average walking stride and being readily available on the market. The materials used for the mineral aspect can be defined more specifically while examining the various options, which differ in meaning and cost. The speed of transmutation of the mineral is the project’s main compositional issue and should be determined by the fluidity of transmutation, simplicity of project implementation, the usability of the mineral aspects and the botanical relevance of planted areas. 22 MINERAL, BOTANICAL

To the botanical… The botanical composition of the garden is defined by wide mono-specific plant beds, whose large size instils a tranquil rhythm. This stability is enhanced through variations in the colours and scents of the plants chosen. The timing of the botanical aspect is more crucial. As the FRAC is to be inaugurated in October, bare roots and root balls cannot be planted, nor can seedbeds be prepared. Options are therefore limited to plants and trees in pots and planters. Maintenance must be minimal and balanced with the garden’s environmental and aesthetic qualities. We have selected nine kinds of rustic, easy-care plants to limit the maintenance work necessary.

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