Montessori School

Montessori School

Estudio Transversal
Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia
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Alejandro Arango

Montessori School

Estudio Transversal as Architects

The intervention area of the project is located in the municipality of Rionegro, near the Cabeceras/San Nicolás highway, the lot has 76,017 m2 and presents very interesting natural traits that were fundamental at the time of projection. The diverse topography and the existing major species (trees) are the determining elements for the distribution of the project in the territory, affecting it in the very least.


The urban planning of the Montessori school starts from the fundamental idea of going through the school and its context, in addition to presenting spaces to foster relationships between students at different scales (platforms, squares and gardens). The public space is to be seen as an educational and dynamic scenario, which allows classes to be taught anywhere in the school, bringing students closer to their environment and promoting their ability to interact with nature.


The classroom areas are located in the high area and near the creek that runs through the lot, and the sports areas in the low and flat part of the field. Each building is a circle with a central courtyard that is articulated with the following one by means of covered exterior corridors, forming a dispersed complex among all. The project is designed in stages that allow to expand the elements of urban planning and construction of the buildings for each school according to demand.


Architecture: The circle as an educational space to generate a flexible space according to Montessori philosophy which encourages the personal development of each student.


Corridors: The circulations of the project are considered as meeting places that fulfill not only the function of connecting, but also of becoming complementary spaces to the classrooms.


Courtyard: The central empty space as a mixed-use space, whether for educational or recreational uses and scenario for multiple activities. In addition to giving an identity to the building, the courtyard is the adaptable core that is modified according to the users who inhabit it.


Materiality: It is one of the fundamental elements of it and determines the main image, the search for non-revoked and warm materials arise as the main condition at the time of its choice. Another important aspect to consider is its ability to age and its thermal conditions.


Landscaping: The idea of a moving garden that fosters and facilitates the human relationshipwith nature is promoted so that it becomes a part of the students' personal growth.


Material Used :

1. Epifita - Landscaping

2. Ladrillera Santa fe - Structural masonry. Reference capuchino 30x15x6cm

3. Lombo Lombo - Central playground games

4. AGS - Windows

5. Alfa - Floor gres. Reference latinomoro 30x15

Project team
Structural Calculation
Product Specifications
AGS GlassWindows
AlfaFloor gres. Reference latinomoro 30x15
Ladrillera SantaféStructural masonry. Reference capuchino 30x15x6cm
Lombo LomboCentral playground games
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