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Beatriz Azevedo


Paulo Merlini architects as Interior Architects

When the clients reached us they had already bought the apartment. They bought it under construction and decided to renovate it on their own. When they finished the renovation they were not happy with the result, they needed an architect. They met our work on a coffee talk with friends and decided to contact us.

They asked us to redraw the all thing, but with the budget spent before we faced some money limitations. With this restrictions, and after analyzing the previous project, we´ve decided to embrace the general distribution structure and focus on creating a more evolving environment. The aesthetic was greatly defined by a very specific will from the clients “We want an apartment that fells like we´re in a great hotel room.”

Now serving as a local accommodation but with other use perspectives in the future, we´ve decided we should draw a very easily adapting apartment that should be built in phases.

For example in our original propose we´ve predicted a relaxing zone with a bathtub above the bathroom ceiling, in a semi hidden floor. It won’t be built for now, but all the infrastructure is already prepared for receiving this area.

In terms of architectural approach we gave special attention to the use of artificial light, as we actually always do. In this case we´ve used indirect light as a global approach, in order to sweep the omnipresent white walls, flooding the apartment with this very warm and comfortable light that gives an almost palpable sensation to the empty space.

Nature also plays a special role on this project. Above the kitchen island we´ve created a wooden grid that reinforces the presence of the element “kitchen”, hiding the uninteresting kitchen extractor. The intention is that the residents can fill the grid with fresh spices so that they can use during their meals.

The pre-existing mezzanine, located above the volume between the entrance and the living room was completely modified in relation to the previous project. Drawn to be mutable, is now being used as a second room, but it´s prepared for being easily transformed in a small office or even a man cave, a specific desire from the client.

The intention was to intervene in the sense of creating an architecture with good adaptation response. We´re redrawing the city of tomorrow and it´s important to think our interventions as versatile as possible.

True architecture serves the present, sustained on the past and with eyes in the future.

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