Municipality Building, district 9

Municipality Building, district 9

Tehrān, Iran

Municipality Building, district 9

ProLight as Designers

Lighting Design Description:

This is the City Hall in 9th district of Tehran – Iran. The employer of this project wanted a unique lighting effect without any energy conservation considerations. The employer wanted to create an effect of life and motion on this building. After studying the architecture of this building, according to employer's opinion, I decided to design the lighting in a way that no one could pass this building indifferently at night.

Every body that sees this building will leave his/her thoughts aside and this sight can create the life motions in his/her mind. The great location of this building offers the view for ten thousand people at night, because this building is imminent to one of the most important and biggest boulevards in the capital city of Iran, namely Tehran.

In designing the lighting, we tried to consider the usage of this building. This building belongs to municipality and this organization is in charge of aesthetic affairs in the city, the manifestation of this message must be shown in lighting jobs.

After all of the above mentioned, the lighting idea created.

The appearance of the building could be put in two parts: 1- The main façade 2- The upper part of the building

1- The main façade The main purpose was to distinguish this building from the surroundings. It is worth to mention that the outward appearance of the building was solid form. So we decided to use 48 flood light projector 6x6x1 watt in blue with the radiation angle of . They are established on three-meter metal Base. The wave length of them is 455-475 nm. Spreading a harmonic blue light on a light grey Alco bond body will create a pleasant feeling in every viewer.

Choosing blue light was according to the usage of the building (official) and the blue message in psychology. This message is: rely on me, and conveys the calmness feelings.

Since the employer wanted the building seems different at nights, I decided to erect 14 Risalto projectors, 150 w, made by GRIVEN co. with the quality of changing 8 colors in up lighting.

Unlike the CYM Color Mix Systems which is usual in other changing color projectors, this projector uses 8 color filter for changing the color so the gained color is much more attractive than any CYM systems. For controlling the color of these projectors, we used the suitable control made by GRIVEN Co. (AD4114).

2- The upper part of the building The most important quality of the lighting in this building is the upper part. This part of the building has a great view from far distance in north and east sides.

For creating a good harmony with the lighting of lower part of the building, which is blue, I used 6 compact 1200 GL projector with 92000 Lumen of Cloud Accessory made by DERKSEN Co. In this way we portrays of slow movement of clouds from left to right. The main part of this task was showing a natural movement of the clouds. They should seem like real ones and go to joint and then apart. For reaching this goal I used a 4 fold prism lens and erected it exactly out of the outer lens.

The result was very satisfying and natural. At night the passing by cars reduce speed to watch the slow movement of the clouds which is very beautiful.

Total Power Consumption is approximately 10500W.

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