Muronokids Satellite

Muronokids Satellite

Primary Schools
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan - Build completed in 2017
Kenjiro Yoshimi (Studio Bauhaus)

Muronokids Satellite

HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro as Architects

These are a classroom for preschool children and an after-school childcare center in a kindergarten in Yokohama. This is a renovation project of two sections of dilapidated dwelling with shop, which is 40 years old and a two-storied building, to change them into 4 classrooms. The key concept is “SATELLITE”, concomitant with the main facility kindergarten located across from the site and with the hope that this building will become the place like children’s base.

The existing exterioris kept, and we put some skins with dot pattern according to the design image of galaxy. Giving depth with light and shadow, we tried to update the image of former old building.

By setting distinctive windows, passers-by can see inside. It makes chances that people get to know the curriculum of this program. It gives brightness to the inside and close relationship to the outside.

Regarding the interior, plyboards which looks rough in spite of natural materials are used. Like a base, everything is kept compact for realizing the unity among the building of interior and exterior.

Project team
Product Specifications
KIDS DESIGN LABOInterior Designer
RBC Design Center
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RBC Design Center

Exhibition Centres
Montpellier, France - Build completed in 2012
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