Graziani + Corazza Architects Inc. as Architects

The Nautilus tower is composed of two offset glass boxes resting on a precast podium. The result is a sleek and slender Tower and defines an entry to the community – a gateway.

The signature feature of the building is the composition of the balcony slabs and glass handrails on the Tower facade. The architecture makes reference to Toronto’s historically nautical waterfront through this composition as to suggest the fluid nature of a nautical sail.

The podium is composed of a framework of precast concrete + glass that houses a mix of retail, recreational + residential components including a second floor outdoor amenity roof terrace complete with gardens and passive outdoor spaces.

The materials used for this phase are similar to the previous phases in order to maintain a visual and aesthetic link within the community.

Its placement on the site also allows for clear views to the Lake and to the surrounding green spaces.

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Reykjavik, Iceland - Build completed in 2011
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