Neuwaldegger Straße 31, Vienna, Austria
Project Year

Hertha Hurnaus


SUPERBLOCK as Architects

Firm shell - airy core 

The concept was to create a permeable structure on four floors that integrates the functions of living and working and still provides privacy.


The rooms and apartments are interlaced and open not only to the outside, but also to the inside. The classical system of a cube, which is limited by four walls, is thereby radically broken up. The center of the house is an open-top 30m2 large courtyard, whose glass surfaces visually connect the rooms of all levels and at the same time provide light. The two outer apartments of the upper floors have two storeys, which are glazed upwards and thereby promote light in the deep floor plans. The apartments all have spacious south-facing double-storey terraces that give the house an exceptionally open structure towards the garden. The ground floor is animated by means of open windows and represents an unmistakable scenery for the street space.


The scale-like façade consists of white aluminum folding templates that extend from the ridge all the way to the floor. The presence of a front garden can be dispensed with a gutter, the house cleans itself through a gutterless eaves with every rain.

Project team
Structural engineer / building physics
Product Specifications
PREFA GmbHPREFA GmbHRhomboid Aluminium Façade Tiles
HOME - Arts Centre
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HOME - Arts Centre

Exhibitions and Theaters
Manchester, United Kingdom - Build completed in 2015
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