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This new house is on a steep sloping block, facing due East toward Pittwater. The decision to locate the house at the top of the slope toward the rear of the block was made with the clients, early in the design phase, to ensure that the house took best advantage of the views, privacy and natural vegetation on the site.

The house sits amongst the trees and is supported on a series of concrete piles with tree-like steel supports. The house has a simple linear plan and is softened by the addition of timber decks that meet the ground at the back of the house. The curved steel beams that frame the decks and floor plate, are reminiscent of a ships prow and hover above the ground. An angled steel stair leads to the front door, which is painted a bright red, in contrast to the lush green landscape.

The house is open and light, and engages with its natural bush setting. The kitchen bench extends to the outside and a large covered deck allowing for easy entertaining and open-plan living in all weather and all year round. This tree-house sits quietly on the site and is barely visible from the street, offering seclusion and sanctuary to the inhabitants.


- High level glass louvres to allow hot air to escape and facilitate natural cross ventilation. Ceiling fans are used throughout the house for additional cooling. Heating is provided by a gas fireplace with fan.

- Angle of roof pitch is designed to exclude summer sun from and to allow winter sun to enter the interior.

- High level glazing allows an abundance of natural light to enter the interior, no need for lights during the day.

- The site was left largely un-touched the natural vegetation was regenerated and there was minimal excavation on the site.

- The size of the house is modest and it has been designed to make the most of all available space. The interior is only 156m2, with a covered deck of 15m2 and uncovered deck area of 54m2.

- Provision for water tanks, on slab adjoining garage, but this house was built prior to current legislation and Council would not allow water tanks to be installed.

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