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Newada is a high–rise luxury residential project, located at the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Although the European side of Istanbul is better known as the business center of Istanbul, the Anatolian side still contains the largest amount of housing. Newada is located approximately in the center of the Anatolian part of Istanbul, near the Marmara Sea coastline with spectacular views awaiting the future residents.

Capturing views of the Princess Islands is a major ambition for the project. The 800m long southern border of the site faces the Marmara Sea and is not obstructed by many buildings, so this affords a unique opportunity to see the Princess Islands.

A building proposal focusing on a modern lifestyle in Istanbul can not be thought of without considering issues of traffic and car circulation. The project site contains a great opportunity in terms of it proximity to several major road connections, including the E5 which allows for ease of access to many coastal areas. This advantage would alleviate most of the traffic issues for residents.

Original design studies concentrated on solar studies aimed at limiting the shadows of the towers cast on neighboring buildings. In order to achieve this, an adaptive sky exposure plane simulation was prepared with the aid of a grasshopper plug-in for rhinoceros software. Using sliders and coordinate marking boards, the artificial sky exposure plane was simultaneously used to reshape the building to maximize the buildings allocation and to minimize the shadows.

Therefore, the buildings are optimized to obtain the maximum view of the Princess Islands while also obtaining the most sunlight. The balconies surrounding the buildings are located between a semi-open stone facade and a glass inner facade. This provides a cooling effect in the summer and a heat trapping effect in the winter.

The project contains two blocks on a shared base. The ground level contains shops, including boutiques, dry cleaning, barbers, and residential services accessible to the residents. The project site is partitioned into two zones, by taking advantage of level differences on the site. While the bottom level is used for the main entrance and public spaces, the upper level is used for private gardening and reflecting pools. Ground and basement levels are connected by an active courtyard and stairs, and lobbies have openings into this courtyard. Protection from the elements is provided by a glass & steel structure above.

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