Tokyo, Japan - Build completed in 2018
Takumi Ota


Sugawaradaisuke as Architects

"Nishiki-choBunkaisan" is a renovation project for a new creative center integrating food museum, restaurant, farm business incubation office and residence for innovating personality of people, business and culture with inheriting the memory of Nishiki-cho area. “Bunkai×San” means “demolition×creation” in Japanese. This is why the architectural design target is to construct self-renovation system to generate opportunities and places for creating the next social vision.

The existing building will be demolished in 10 years due to the urban redevelopment and not require recovering to original condition. It leads a renovation design to generates 3 different condition of architectural parts and element, original existing / additional new / half-demolition.

Coexistence of 3 different conditions shows us new perspective of local history of people and area. The design composes self-renovation system for creators to adopt to unpredictable demands for future, Also, innovates new spatial value and atmosphere with crush between old elements and new functions.

This project creates an innovation platform for the next social vision with rereading, rewriting existing value and discovering new space potential. Renovation can create innovation for the next era based on long human history.

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