Nowbomonti Office Tower

Nowbomonti Office Tower

Tabanlioglu Architects
İstanbul, Turkey
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Nowbomonti Office Tower

Tabanlioglu Architects as Architects

A new corporate identity, extrovert and flexible

Office tower is located in Istanbul, the renewed part of city center.  With reference to the elevation and figures of existing environment and topography, compartments on top of each other form the 16-storey building in order to create flexible office spaces differing in height, size and plan. The flexible and well-planned, well lit, spacious spaces of the commercial building supports the working order, organization and energizes it.


The base of the construction is defined by the slope born out of topography; first layer of the construction refers to the walls of the neighboring elderly house from late 19th century, the height of the first compartment befits the elevation of the elderly house; the compartment above respects the adjacent masses in stature; and very top compartment raises to gain a cityscape catching the views of Bosporus.


Sheer glass use on the façade grants optimum daylight; patterns become sparse upwards on fritted glass applied for sun control.  The main entrance is situated at the diagonal align with the upwards move of the cantilever. The same angle is repeated on the façade gestures that designated the partitions. 


A contribution to the architectural vocabulary of the re-developing quarter, the structure highlights a subtle impression especially when compared to the neighboring tall buildings that are usually robust blocks. The approach of the building is also to motivate new comers learn from and replicate; NowBomonti aims not to overpower or dominate the neighborhood, on the contrary, the design refers to existing contours, harmoniously blending in its surroundings but yet distinctively apart, representational, yet in line. Having a curb appeal, communicating, but not self-promoting, the building seamlessly connect into its context and promote the identity of the reborn-old town, Bomonti, of Istanbul.


Spatial and operational aspects

Having a flexible zoning program the whole complex may be dedicated to only one brand, or the different compartments in the block may be occupied by singular brands while common zones are shared, or even those zones may be preferred as green offices with high-ceilings depending on the location of the office unit.


Each floor may function separately for private companies, or may be divided into six or four individual units; at certain levels where the ceiling height reaches up to 8 meters, duplex units gained, principally with double-height atriums and interior gardens overlooking the cityscape. 


Separate offices/brands preserve their exclusivity; each segment is legible from afar, due to significances on the facade.  Facilities and healthy infrastructure makes the building user-friendly and provides easy maintenance, vertical access is basically via the elevators, the core is situated in the middle of the structure.


The aisle created around the building manifest piazza formations at four directions on the street level where restaurant and cafes are situated at the entrance floor; the ground level node to the street life while unique office spaces brought by the geometry of the building enhance the qualities of the interiors.  The commercial building establishes a presence and identity at ground level in the city. Integrated with its neighbors, reflecting the common values of neighbors and other users of the venue, notably cultural inclusivity, sustainability and wellness.


There are alternative entrances to the building at different directions and levels.  Due to level differences of the land, two spacious lobbies at the back and front side of the building serve for the daily users. Ground and first basement floors offer common functions such as fitness, dining halls and coffees that energize the teams. Not just functional but also esthetically pleasing, accessible and inspiring working and meeting spaces enhance employee productivity.


Nine underground floors are allocated for parking lot. Technical facilities and storage requirements are solved in basement floors as well.



Located at one of the most favorite, dynamic spots Istanbul, NowBomonti opens up office spaces that is sensible in an aesthetic perspective and through sustainability.


Orientation of the building on the site influence many aspects of passive design, it is positioned to optimize day light, to protect from the strong winds and for visual access   Good orientation also means protection from strong sun beams, and proper placement of plan units of the building. Sheer glass use on the façade grants optimum daylight, allowing for the maximum viewing area and build a communicative atmosphere; patterns become sparse upwards on fritted glass applied for sun control.


Employees are not restricted to their cubicles or to inconvenient desks, the workspaces are not too open either; the flexible offices are a mix of both, granting open spaces for collaboration but at the same time units offer privacy. All interior spaces grant a feeling of spaciousness, with high ceilings and transparency.


Benefiting the quarter's urban history, the building will pioneer to reviving the life and public patterns, and bring energy to the neighborhood.


Safety, security

The building is supported by all means of technological infrastructure, high security systems are applied align with the recent fire and earthquake safety regulations, in order to maintain safety and security of the comfortable work place.


For quality increment at interiors, paintings and adhesives of low volatile organic chemical compounds are utilized. Main health and safety credentials have been outdoor air delivery monitoring; increased ventilation; low-emitting materials; indoor chemical and pollutant source control; thermal comfort; controlled daylight is granted by orientation and material choice. By transparency, the interiors benefit the optimum daylight in a controlled manner, so that energy efficiency in terms of lighting and heating is granted.


Building structure offers a synergetic operation model. Everyday operational practices such as maintenance of elevators, heating and air conditioning systems etc.  solved by in house management.  


The end user and the environment

This quarter has a specific visitor and user potential for many different reasons such as industrial traces of the neighborhood since 1860s, educational institutions that are still in existence, the organic market which is the meeting point of healthy nutrition enthusiasts and also supports traditional and natural agriculture…. The architectural quality and infrastructure representing the twenty-first century, has to adapt and create solutions to accomplish the new local demand. In accordance with its highly cosmopolitan character, today, Bomonti is under re-construction and invites a young, working, socially and culturally active, urban population to be a “Bomonti” person.


The project includes the images and wills of people who'd love to live and work in the building, and be a part of the valuable quarter during the re-birth, and focuses on the new generation creative white collars, described as “new collar” professionals, in technology, design, and entrepreneurship, to join the currently burgeoning ecosystem of corporate and private business atmosphere.  Adaptability, collaboration, identification and creativity are the core themes of the project that physically and socially fits in its surroundings.


In addition to offering flexible and alternative office spaces providing and surpassing contemporary office standards, the project aims to be a part of one of Istanbul’s developing historic centers with a project that would be an integral contemporary layer to Bomonti’s architectural repertoire; some of its neighbors being an art- culture & event center Bomontiada – a reused historical Ottoman beer factory- and the first and best organic farmers’ bazaar of Istanbul etc.


The informal and engaging character of the building, with ambient spaces where people can work collaboratively or independently, meet other each other and collaborators, grants a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.


By foreseeing this model of living to spread into the environment, the transparent office building, creates an open and outwards looking alternative, associating with its surroundings, visually and socially, so the office users encounter in and motive the daily, social and cultural life in Bomonti.

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Landscape Design Consultant
Geotechnical Eng. Consultant
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Electrical Engineers
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