Numeric Investors

Numeric Investors

Visnick & Caulfield Associates
Boston, United States
Stewart Clements and Will Howcroft

Numeric Investors

Visnick & Caulfield Associates as Architects

Numeric Investors, a financial services firm, wanted to bring a relaxing and calm feel to the often intense and fast-paced day-to-day business of investment development and implentation. Whether for the client’s enjoyment or the employee’s benefit, Visnick & Caulfield highlighted the structural integrity of the space to create an “office oasis” of sorts. Round, concrete columns dotting the space are celebrated as a key design feature. As they draw the eye upwards, they converge into white “cloud” drop ceilings. Further accentuating the open, vertical space is the deep, midnight blue chosen as the color for the deconstructed ceiling, exposing a grid of pipes and waffled concrete. Present between conference rooms is even a skywall that folds up into the ceiling, while offices along the perimeter are walled with glass to allow unobstructed views through the interior bay windows.

Columns Are Beautiful - Round concrete columns are celebrated as design feature

Higher Calling - Concrete waffle slab is exposed in path of circulation painted midnight blue; white cloud ceilings accentuate height of blue sky

Walls - Glass front offices with interior bay window effect at deep perimeter wall allow for expanded view. Skywall folds up into ceiling between two large conference rooms to create “office oasis”

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