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The new headquarters for nVent is about connections. Celebrating the spark of two parts coming together to create something new.


“The new workplace is designed for intentional connections,” says Betsy Vohs Founder and CEO of Studio BV. “These nodes are designed as moments to gather, moments to celebrate, and places for chance interactions that spark new ideas.” 

This new workplace for nVent was an opportunity to make physical the vision, culture and mission of this new organization. The organization was a spin off from Pentair. The leadership team looked to Studio BV to embody the values of transparency, velocity, equity, and collaboration into the physical elements of the space. Studio BV did this in numerous ways, from the allocation of premier views to communal space, to the use of materials and geometry to reinforce collaboration and conversation.

The design team and the CEO were intentional about creating spatial conditions that prompt behaviors that align with company culture. Places to gather, leadership that is visible, diversity in amenities and equity in distribution, moments that celebrate the innovate solutions of nVent and the people who create them. That is the power of design, it can make physical your values as a organization. Inspiring and pushing the organization towards the future.

The design of the space uses color, materials, light, and expressed physical intersections to represent this concept throughout. The design distributes amenities, throughout the office space, providing moments for deep focus and spontaneous charrettes, for formal meetings and chance encounters.

To express the concept of connections- Studio BV designed a custom stair experience that connects the two floors together. The stair is a metaphor for connections from person to person and through the conductivity of electricity. The steel and oak stair is wrapped in a custom copper light box. The woven copper material is multidimensional creating a deep visual texture and pattern that is glows from within. This illuminated copper box is an icon for the space. The richness of that light and copper together are contrasted with the cool nature of the white steel stair.

The board room for this new leadership team reflected the CEO’s cultural values. The soft shape of the oval table and custom ceiling light feature put the users at ease and emphasis the concept that all voices are valued and there is no head of the table. The soft color pallet and rich textural contrasts create a warmth that is felt throughout the space. 


People move throughout the office between the floors to destinations designed to support the workflow and team’s needs. This also promotes stronger connections among groups and overall wellbeing. This energy inspires teams to work differently, to be more visible, and to share resources. The office supports these behaviors by creating a diverse number of spaces for ideas to cultivate. These spaces are flexible and adaptable enough to transition both on an hourly basis and as the company and people evolve. Slow and focused spaces can transition with ease into high-energy ideation spaces. Mobile walls create transitional spaces for growth and change. That continuum is accessible and creates an energy that inspires teams to tackle the next challenge.  


nVent’s space is designed to be the vehicle for carrying the new brand into a future as vibrant and productive as its past. This is an environment where the energy is focused on forward momentum.

Material Used:

1. Tandus carpet

2. Silestone Quartz

3. Armstrong Ceilings

4. WD Floors

5. Steelcase Furniture 

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