Arquitetura Rural as Architects

The cabin´s design finds inspiration in the Brazilian indigenous architecture. The wood used for the structure comes from a native Brazilian tree called Cumaru, and the interiors used Teak wood, which is found in commercial forest plantations in the region.


The roof is built in natural fibre, called "Piaçava", which comes from a palm tree. Its round shape gives the cabin a feeling of organic integration with the natural surroundings. The cabin is elevated from the ground for two major reasons, the first being the will to maintain the floor area permeable and filled with vegetation. And secondly, to increase the natural ventilation and temperature control, as it is located in a tropical climate region.


The sanitation system (indicated in the hand drawing) is entirely biological and combines three main modules: 1. the first stage is a "vermifilter", which filter organic material through the presence of aerobic bacteria and composting earthworms.; 2. stage two is a "root zone", planted with plants that filter the wastewater through their root activity; 3. the third stage is a "banana circle", which utilizes the remaining wastewater as a natural fertilizer for growing food, such as banana trees, papaya and sweet potato. This way, the quote "waste is food" gains a quite literal interpretation !


The energy is generated with the use of solar panels, and it is available only while the sun is shining and the panels are producing electricity. At night, the power goes off, and the cabin is illuminated with the use of candles and lamps. We designed this strategy as the cabins are all to be built inside a forest which is inhabited by wild animals, such as jaguars, howler monkeys, and birds. We aimed at creating the least impact on their natural cycles.


The water used in the cabin is to be pumped from the local river, called Rio do Coco. (I sent two picture attached of the river, as seen form the farm). The cabins will be constructed with the local communities.

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