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Yoav Gurin


Switchup as Interior Architects

OpenWeb is a social engagement platform company that works with publishers to bring online conversations back to the media. As an innovative technological company filled with young professionals Switchup sought create an office that was open, colorful, youthful, and that promoted free and flexible work environments.

Throughout the office space, colorful and pixelated murals adorn the walls, infusing each room with creative energy. Each separate office space is sectioned off with clear glass floor to ceiling windows and clear glass doors that allow for transparency and ease of access between employees. And, of course, such a progressive office environment needs to have room for furry friends!

The work spaces in the office design are collaborative and airy, with few walls between desks to allow for easy spur of the moment conversations and sharing of projects. Work spaces also open out onto an outdoor deck area featuring modern furniture that promotes informal bonding between employees. Graphic signs reading “This way” with two arrows in opposite directions adorn this hallway, a tongue-in-cheek and quirky way to promote the office culture.

The kitchen is light and bright with utilitarian yet stylish wall storage. It adjoins a living room lounge space with comfortable eclectic seating that creates a mismatched yet stylish and young vibe. The mixed-use nature of this space encourages social mixing and collaboration over meals and after-work happy hours. The smattering of different styles present in the textiles, woods, and decorations gives this space a “lived in” feel.

The blingy and colorful motif continues in the hallways leading to meeting rooms and other individual offices. Bright colors open up an otherwise narrow area of the office to create more a more comfortable feeling for employees and visitors. As with individual offices, meeting spaces also have clear glass walls, making it easy to find exactly who you need to speak with when you need to speak with them. Greens and yellows on the walls energize this space and create a workspace that feels more “fun” than “work.”

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