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Origami Pavillion

Origami Pavillion

Jorge Hernandez de la Garza
Benito Juárez, Mexico
Project Year
Paul Czitrom

Origami Pavillion

Jorge Hernandez de la Garza as Architects

For three consecutive years, the company Comex Lafarge has entrusted us with designing their pavilion, Plaka Comex, for Expo CIHAC 2008, the most important construction fair in Mexico held in Mexico City. In order to demonstrate the qualities and benefits of its material (Plaka Comex ), the principal requirement of the client was to provide an architectural space with a high sense of plasticity. The whole pavilion was built in only seven days, with five hundred and fifty plaster boards and forty five workers. Time constituted a special challenge as well; there were only five weeks between the commission and the opening of the trade fair.

In order to accomplish this objective the chosen design was based on origami: the Japanese art of folding paper. This idea was the starting point of our piece which is principally composed of geometric figures like squares, rectangles and triangles, creating a very intuitive form with movements and subtle lines that do not follow a strict architectonic rationalism.

The circulations of the fair were considered in the design proposal; four big openings allow access to the interior exhibition. The architectural elements filter the light while visitors discover elements of surprise as different perspectives alter the perception of structure from light to heavy. The one story building was built in a rectangular spot eighteen meters long by six meters wide. In one of the large sides there is an area for live demos, there is also a video wall for corporate videos which also functions as a promotional stop.

The relaxed atmosphere inside the object was an important element throughout the interior, encouraging visitors to explore the qualities of the materials by Plaka Comex; thus creating an umbrella enclosing the corporate identity of the Comex Lafarge company.

Inside the white structure were placed two sound cabins to demonstrate the acoustic boundaries of the Plaster Board “Acustika,” one of the most innovative products of the brand.

Our challenge for the coming years is to continue working closely with the client to keep improving the productivity of the company and its relationship with potential customers.

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